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How To Draw Hot Chocolate

Today I will tell you how to draw hot chocolate. This is a delicious healthy drink that will invigorate and support in the cold season.

how to draw hot chocolate step by step

So let’s find out how to draw hot chocolate. This is a great drawing object in my opinion. Everyone loves hot chocolate, right? This drink is usually associated with childhood and Christmas mood. Many people love this characteristic sweet aroma of strong hot chocolate.

Also, this drink is a great object for drawing. In this guide, you can see a small number of basic geometric shapes and a lot of creativity.

So, grab your favorite painting supplies and let’s try drawing this drink in a pretty mug.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes

How To Draw Hot Chocolate

  1. Draw the sides of the mug.

    Place this in the center of the piece of paper. This is the basis of the whole drawing.how to draw hot chocolate easy

  2. Draw the top of the mug.

    Connect the tops of the lines from the previous step using an elongated oval.hot chocolate easy drawing

  3. Depict the inside edge of the cup.

    Add another smaller oval. Focus on the figure from the previous step.hot chocolate easy drawing for kids

  4. Draw the bottom of the cup.

    It looks like a slightly curved line that connects the lower ends of the cup.how to draw hot chocolate step by step

  5. Draw marshmallows.

    You can skip this step if you want to simplify your drawing.how to draw hot chocolate step by step easy

  6. Add the outer part of the handle.

    Notice the slight gentle curves at the top and bottom of this arc.

  7. Finish drawing the handle.

    To do this, just add a small semicircle like in my reference.learn how to draw hot chocolate for kids

  8. Remove any extra lines.

    Do not forget to also check that all lines and proportions are correct.learn how to draw hot chocolate tutorial

  9. Color your drawing

    Choose any color and design of the mug to your taste. Draw additional patterns.how-to-draw-hot-chocolate

By the way, I have prepared a special PDF for you. Here you can find some drafts to help you draw hot chocolate in different ways. If you download this you can practice your drawing skills even with no internet.

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