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How to Draw Mulan

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Mulan. I am sure that this lesson will help you train your artistic abilities.

how to draw mulan cartoon
how to draw mulan step by step

Now you will draw a beautiful girl, the heroine of a full-length cartoon. I will show you how to draw Mulan, the daughter of a Chinese warrior.

Mulan is a brave, smart, responsible, and hardworking girl who loves her homeland and is ready to defend her people. It should also be noted that Mulan is very beautiful, she has a slender figure, long hair, and charming brown eyes.

In this lesson, the cartoon character is presented in a chibi style. You can see that the head is much larger than the body. Try to depict these features in your drawing and keep all proportions. Mulan is dressed in long traditional clothes. The girl’s hair is gathered in a high bun.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Mulan

  1. Draw the bottom outline of the face.

    At this stage, sketch out a smooth curved line.how to draw mulan easy

  2. Depict hair and earrings.

    With smooth lines, depict the hair that is styled in a voluminous hairstyle. Add small earrings.how to draw mulan characters

  3. Add the upper body.

    Draw the small torso below the head. With short smooth lines draw the collar on the clothes.how to draw mulan full body

  4. Draw the lower part of the torso.

    Sketch out long clothes. At the bottom, the clothes have a bend.how to draw mulan cute

  5. Add the arms and long sleeves.

    On the sides of the torso draw thin arms and add wide sleeves that hang down freely.how to draw mulan art hub

  6. Add details.

    Draw the outline of the clothes where the color will be different.how to draw animated mulan

  7. Depict the bun at the top.

    Add the hair, which is gathered in the bun and decorated with the ribbon and the flower.how to draw a princess mulan

  8. Sketch out the facial features.

    Draw eyes, mouth, cheeks, add the thin strand of hair.how to draw a cute mulan

  9. Color the Mulan.

    Choose lilac for hair. For clothes, use pink and blue.how to draw mulan cartoon

As usual, I prepared a PDF file with a short version of the lesson in advance. You can download this file for free to always have access to this lesson.

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