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How to Draw Obi-Wan Kenobi

Now you will learn how to draw Obi-Wan Kenobi. This lesson will be very simple, and it consists of nine steps.

obi-wan kenobi drawing lesson
how to draw obi-wan kenobi step by step

So, I am glad to bring to your attention this drawing lesson, in which I will tell and show you how to draw Obi-Wan Kenobi step by step. This drawing lesson is dedicated to the image of a well-known character. If you are a fan of Star Wars, then this instruction will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Completing this lesson will be very helpful for any budding artist and child, as it will help you practice drawing people and characters. The Obi-Wan Kenobi you draw with this tutorial will be drawn in a cartoon style. This means that your drawing will not look too realistic, but it will be cute and funny enough. Also, a feature of the image of characters in a cartoon style is the drawing of the head disproportionately large in relation to the body.

Having learned how to draw Obi-Wan Kenobi with the help of this drawing lesson, you can easily depict him in the future as the main subject of your drawing, as well as draw any episode from Star Wars and complement your picture with other characters. I’m sure you can’t wait to start drawing Obi-Wan Kenobi, so I recommend that you prepare the art supplies you’ll need to draw right now, and then start the creative process. I wish you inspiration, and I am sure that you did an excellent job with this work.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Obi-Wan Kenobi

  1. Draw the outline of the character’s head.

    To complete this step, draw one arc on the right side and also add some curved lines.how to draw obi-wan kenobi realistic

  2. Add the Obi Wan Kenobi’s eyes and eyebrows.

    Inside the drawn figure, draw two eyes in the form of two circles, and also add the eyebrows.how to draw obi wan kenobi easy

  3. Finish drawing the facial features and add the ears.

    Depict the nose, add the mouth at the bottom of the face, draw two ears in the form of arcs.obi-wan kenobi drawing lesson

  4. Depict the hair and beard of the Obi Wan Kenobi.

    At the top of the head draw curved lines and several arcs, add curved lines at the bottom of the face.obi-wan kenobi drawing guide

  5. Sketch out the upper torso and upper limbs.

    Below the drawn head, draw a lot of curved lines to draw the chest and lowered arms.obi-wan kenobi drawing tutorial

  6. Add the lower torso and outlines of the suit.

    On the chest, add straight and curved lines, and also add a few lines below the drawn arms.how to draw obi-wan kenobi for kids

  7. Depict the weapon in the character’s hands.

    Using straight and curved lines, draw the long, pointed sword in the hands.how to draw obi-wan kenobi for beginners

  8. Add the outlines of the lower limbs and shoes.

    Below the drawn torso, depict two legs pointing in different directions using curved lines.how to draw obi-wan kenobi for kindergarten

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the Obi Wan Kenobi, use shades of gray, shades of brown, and also black.obi-wan kenobi drawing lesson

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