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How to Draw Dog Ears

Dog ears are very sensitive. Dogs love listening to music, and ear massages help dogs relax. I would like to show you how to draw dog ears.

How to draw dog ears
How to draw dog ears step by step

Now I want to show you how to draw dog ears. Here you can see two medium-sized ears. In fact, the shape of the ears in dogs can be very different. Ears are large and small, covered with thick hair, or have very short hair.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw the most common ear shape. When you master this lesson, you can easily and quickly draw the head of a dog. It will be very realistic.

This tutorial is one of the easiest. It uses common elements that can be easily drawn. Any child and novice artist will quickly cope with such a task. Even if your drawing is slightly different from my example, then it’s okay. The main thing is to remember the sequence of steps, and you can adjust the shape of ears at your discretion.

Now focus and carefully follow all the steps of the dog ears drawing tutorial.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 18 minutes

How to Draw Dog Ears

  1. Draw the upper part of the ear.

    Determine the location and size of the ears and draw two smooth lines as shown in the example.How to draw dog ears easy

  2. Depict the lower part of the ear.

    From the top tips of the ear, draw two smooth lines.How to draw dog ears quickly

  3. Portray the lower part of the ear.

    To do this, draw a smooth line at the bottom of the ear.How to draw dog ears for kids

  4. Sketch the inner outline of the one ear.

    Add a long line parallel to the outside of the ear.How to draw cartoon dog ears

  5. Draw the inner outline of the second ear.

    Repeat the previous step on the other ear only.How to draw cute dog ears

  6. Portray the inside of one ear.

    Create two smooth lines inside the ear.How to draw funny dog ears

  7. Depict the inside of the second ear.

    Repeat the previous step and draw similar lines in the other ear.How to draw shaggy dog ears

  8. Add the outer part of the ears where the color of the coat will be different.

    Draw fine lines along the outer edge for the both ears as shown in the picture.How to draw pointed dog ears

  9. Color the dog’s ear.

    Use darker shades of brown for the outside and lighter shades for the inside.How to draw dog ears

Now you are convinced that the dog ears drawing tutorial are really very simple. Use this knowledge when drawing a dog. You can do this right now. Draw a head, eyes, nose, and mouth, and share your result in the comments.

To conclude this tutorial, I suggest you download a PDF file that contains useful drawing tools. This will help you complete the lesson even if there is no internet access.

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