How to Draw a Burger for Kids

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Burger drawing tutorial

Mmm smell something delicious, right? We created a new post on how to draw a burger for kids. In our sample, you can see a classic burger with one meat patty, a slice of cheese, a tomato and a leaf of lettuce. You can add different foods to your burger, such as another burgers, exotic vegetables or sesame.

Step 1

First, draw approximate contour of the burger. If you want to draw a tall burger, you should draw a tall and elongated figure.

How to draw for kids

Step 2

It’s time to depicture the contours of our burger filling. In our case the filling is two round slices of tomato and a rectangular piece of cheese.

How to draw a burger for beginners

Step 3

We are working again on the figuration of the filling. And in this step we will depicture a lettuce. This leaf has rough sharp outlines.

How to draw a burger for beginners

Step 4

Now remove the extra auxiliary lines so that the filling of our burger does not look transparent.

How to draw a burger for beginners

Step 5

We use conventional colors for bread, meat and vegetables. If you want to draw sesame, you can add a lot of white dots on a bread.

Burger drawing tutorial

As a variation of the color of the roll, you can use black. In fact, burgers with black dough rolls are very popular now. Culinary specialists create such burgers with the help of natural dyes, such as coal or cuttlefish ink.

How to draw a burger for kids step by step

Take this short version of this drawing guide and share it with all your friends and acquaintances so that everyone will be able to draw burgers.

How to draw a black burger

In fact, we do not think this is very appetizing, but it is very popular because of the unusual color. In addition to black, there are red, green, blue and any other burgers. And of course you can paint in any of these colors.

How to draw a hamburger for kids

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