How to Draw a Butterfly for Kids

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How to draw a butterfly for kids

how to draw a butterfly

Hello, dear readers of and welcome to the drawing instruction about how to draw a butterfly for kids.

Butterflies are actually some of the most famous insects. These creatures are known to almost all inhabitants of the Earth. In different parts of the world, you can find a wide variety of butterflies, from small and faded to literally huge and painted in all colors of the rainbow.

Step 1

In the first stage, depict the eyes and pupils of our cute insect with the help of ordinary circles.

Step 2

Depict the butterfly’s antennae above the eyes and a face with a mouth as shown in my example.

Step 3

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a butterfly for children, we depict the body. In the upper part, it is rounded and gradually tapers towards the tip.

Step 4

Using long and curved lines depict the upper part of the butterfly’s wings. The wing closer to us should appear visually larger than the one that is a little further away.

Step 5

Continue the wings and depict their lower part as shown in the artwork below. You can repeat the pattern as in the example below, or come up with a different shape for the bottom of the wings.

Step 6

If you did everything right, then you will get here such a drawing of a butterfly. Darken the lines to give the image a more 3D look.

Step 7

I decided to paint the body brown and the wings purple. By painting the eyes gray, I left small circular highlights in them. Since butterflies come in a variety of colors, you can use any colors to paint the butterfly.

So, today I showed you how to draw a butterfly for kids. Try adding some elements to your butterfly drawing. For example, you can create some interesting patterns on the wings, or paint this cute insect in interesting and unusual colors.

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