How to Draw a Cartoon Car Step by Step

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Learn how to draw a cartoon car step by step in just nine easy steps. Start the lesson and use the helpful hints!

cartoon car drawing tutorial
how to draw a cartoon car step by step

Now I will show you how to draw a cartoon car step by step. All children love to draw cars, and in this lesson you will learn one of the ways how to do it easily and quickly. As a result, you will enjoy this lesson and acquire new useful skills.

The figure shows a small car that has the simplest form. The top of the car is rounded, on the side you see only one door. Such a car looks concise and at the same time very funny.

You can easily draw a cartoon car step by step if you follow all the steps in this tutorial sequentially and use small tips at each step. Try to carefully draw all the lines to get an excellent result.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car Step by Step

  1. Draw the outline of the car.

    Sketch out a large, even to draw a cartoon car easy

  2. Detail the front of the car.

    Depict two semicircular lines as shown in the to draw a cartoon car art hub

  3. Depict two wheels.

    At the bottom of the car, draw two identical even circles.cartoon car drawing easy

  4. Add rims on wheels.

    Depict a circle of small diameter inside each wheel.cartoon car drawing colour

  5. Draw the door and windows.

    With the help of several lines of different shapes draw one door and windows.cartoon car drawing step by step

  6. Add details.

    Sketch out the handle on the door and side mirror.cartoon car for drawing

  7. Add more details.

    Draw the headlights and additional elements at the bottom of the car.simple cartoon car drawing

  8. Remove inaccuracies.

    Check your drawing and remove extra lines.cartoon car drawing lesson

  9. Color the cartoon car.

    You can choose any colors.cartoon car drawing tutorial

I recommend that you download the PDF file, which contains a short version of the manual and some useful tools. I have prepared this file especially for your convenience, so that you can complete the drawing lesson at any convenient time.

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