How to Draw a Cartoon Eye

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Today I will show you how to draw a cartoon eye step by step. This lesson will be interesting and useful for you.

simple cartoon eye drawing
how to draw a cartoon eye step by step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon eye. In the picture, the eye is drawn in a cartoon style, but it contains all the elements of a realistic eye – the outline, eyelid, pupil, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

If you master this lesson well, then in the future you can easily draw any eye. These skills will come in handy when you draw different characters or portraits of people.

The lesson has nine easy steps. Any novice artist will quickly cope with this task, especially since there will be useful tips at each stage.

In my picture, the iris is green, but you can use any other color you like. For example, you can choose blue or brown.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Eye

  1. Draw the upper outline of the eye.

    To do this, depict a smooth, rounded to draw a cartoon eye easy

  2. Add the bottom outline of the eye.

    Depict a smooth line below the same shape as in the to draw a cartoon eye for beginners

  3. Sketch out the upper eyelid.

    Draw a long, rounded line above the eye.cartoon eye drawing lesson

  4. Draw the corner of the eye.

    Depict a short line at the corner of the to draw a basic cartoon eye

  5. Sketch out the iris.

    Draw a circle in the center of the to draw a cute cartoon eye

  6. Draw the pupil and lens flare.

    At this stage, sketch out two small circles.cartoon drawing of an eye

  7. Depict an eyebrow.

    Draw two smooth lines above the eye in the same shape as in the to draw a simple cartoon eye

  8. Add the eyelashes.

    Depict short, rounded lines along the lower and upper paths.cartoon eye drawing tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    For the eyebrow, choose any hair color, and for the iris, use any color you like.simple cartoon eye drawing

Use the skills you’ve learned in your next drawings. You can share your impressions of the lesson in the comments. You can also ask questions or suggest ideas for new lessons. I suggest you download a PDF file with a short version of the lesson.

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