How to Draw a Clown

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Today, you will learn how to draw a clown step by step. I promise it will be an exciting creative activity.

how to draw a clown for kids
how to draw a clown step by step

If you love the circus and have repeatedly watched fascinating performances, then you will certainly like this lesson, because here you will learn how to draw a clown step by step.

A clown is a circus artist who shows comical scenes to the audience. Usually the clown has a bright make-up, wide multicolored clothes and huge boots. In this image, the clown looks funny and ridiculous, thereby causing laughter from the audience.

The picture shows a cheerful clown. The clown has a big smile on his face and a big red nose. There is a round figured collar on the neck, and the stage costume is made of fabric of bright colors.

Now you will sequentially draw all these elements. Each step has a small hint that will help you correctly depict the next element.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Clown

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    First draw an oval, then draw two smooth lines to draw a clown full body

  2. Add facial features.

    Depict the eyes, nose, mouth, and make-up outline around the to draw a clown easy

  3. Depict the rest of the elements on the head.

    Using a jagged line, draw the hair, add the rounded ears, eyebrows, and to draw a clown art hub

  4. Sketch out the arms.

    Draw smooth lines along the torso and add the contour of the thumbs at the to draw a simple clown

  5. Depict the shoes.

    At the bottom, draw large boots of the same shape as in the example.clown drawing tutorial

  6. Add the collar and outline of the legs.

    Using a wavy line, draw the collar and draw a vertical line at the bottom.clown drawing lesson

  7. Draw the rest of the clothes.

    On the sleeves and bottom of the suit, add the frill using wavy lines.clown drawing guide

  8. Add details.

    Depict circles of different sizes and draw a vertical to draw a clown for kindergarten

  9. Color the clown.

    Use several bright colors—yellow, green, red, and to draw a clown for kids

For your convenience, I have created a PDF file in advance, in which you will find a brief instruction and additional useful materials. Download the file so that you can return to this lesson at any time.

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