How to Draw a Face for Beginners

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In this very simple and useful step-by-step drawing tutorial, I’m going to show you how to draw a face for beginners.

how to draw a face step-by-step
How to draw a face for kids

Many people think that this is difficult to learn how to draw a face (or a head), but in fact, it is not. If you follow the very basic tips that I outlined in this article on how to draw a face for beginners, you will learn how to draw depict people portraits quickly and easily.

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Introduction to Face Drawing Lesson

So, this is the first drawing lesson on my website, and I hope that you like it. This lesson was divided into several simple steps, as well as all my subsequent drawing lessons. All new steps are marked in red so that you can clearly see what has changed in each successive step.

Like all subsequent articles, this lesson on how to draw a face for beginners will not only contain basic instructions on how to specifically depict the portrait that you see before your eyes, but also tips at the end of the article that will help you gain a deeper understanding of drawing faces.

I created a Pinterest account where I post all my new drawing lessons. In the future, I will be creating pages on all important social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and so on. There I will also publish announcements of our future drawing lessons. If you want to keep abreast of all How to Draw for Kids updates, be sure to subscribe.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Face Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Face for Beginners

  1. Sketch the outlines of the head.

    The first step will begin with the simple geometric shape – an oval, which is the base of the face. This step is especially important and try to make the oval symmetrical and even.
    how to draw a face for beginners

  2. Sketch the facial guidelines.

    Add a vertical and horizontal line that should intersect right in the middle of the oval. These lines will help you draw a face that is proportional and more to draw faces

  3. Depict the eyes on the face.

    On the horizontal line draw the eyes in the shape of almonds with circular pupils inside them. When drawing the eyes, note that they should be the same size.drawing faces

  4. Add the eyebrows.

    The eyebrows are usually the same size as the eyes. Draw them using two thick lines. The length of the eyebrows is approximately equal to the distance between to draw a face step by step

  5. Sketch out the nose.

    The tip of the nose is located directly between the line of the eyes and the line of the chin. At its widest point, the tip of the nose is equal to the width of the eyes.
    learn to draw faces

  6. Draw the mouth.

    Note that the distance between the mouth, nose, and chin is almost the same. First draw the midline of the mouth, then the upper lip and then the lower to draw a head

  7. Erase the guidelines and draw the chin.

    When erasing the guidelines from the face, try not to touch the important lines of the drawing. The shape of the jaw plays a very important role in the perception of a to draw a human ace

  8. Depict the ears.

    The upper tip of the ears is at the level with the eyebrows, and the lower one is at the tip of the nose. Try to make ears the same to draw a portrait

  9. Sketch out the hair.

    You can repeat the outlines of the hair from my example or choose any other hairstyle. Also, don’t forget to erase the top line of the head.
    drawing a face

  10. Add some final touches.

    If you don’t like something in your face drawing, erase the failed lines and try again. Comparing with my example, you will see all the inaccuracies and errors in your drawing.
    drawing peoples faces

  11. Color the face drawing.

    Use any colors. You can try adding some shadows to make your drawing more voluminous. To add even more dimension to the portrait, you can also color the background.
    how to draw a face step by step

Digging Deeper Into Portrait Drawing

So, the main basic part of the face drawing lesson is completed, and it’s time to get down to the details, which are no less important.

Here I showed you how to draw a portrait using myself as an example. But of course, we are all different, and have our own characteristics and facial features.

Draw a Self-Portrait

So, look at yourself in the mirror, and try to depict yourself on a piece of paper. Or try drawing your relatives or friends.

Practice Often

This exercise will help you develop the ability to see facial features and convey them on a piece of paper. Try to draw faces as often as possible and this will give you the experience you need.

Make Quick Sketches

This will help you develop an important ability that will allow you to feel more free when you draw portraits.

Additional Content

Also in my first tutorial, I would like to point out that I primarily create art lessons for my readers, so be sure to write me your wishes and criticism, because it helps my site to develop.

At the end of each guide, I publish shortened versions of my lessons, which you can save, publish on your social networks and use if you do not need text explanations for the steps.


So, the face drawing lesson for beginners has come to an end, and I really hope that my tutorial was really interesting and useful to you. I have tried to convey this important skill to you using the simplest methods possible.

Did I succeed or not? Were you able to learn how to draw a face using my tutorial? Write about it in the comments or send your work to me on social networks.

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