How to Draw a Fish Easy

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how to draw a Fish for kids

how to draw a fish

In this really simple instruction for kids and their parents, I will show you how to draw a fish easy.

Earlier on the pages of the, I have already published a similar instruction on how to draw a fish for kids. But this guide has a slightly different sequence of actions in stages. I tried to make the process of drawing a fish even easier and more intuitive so that even the most inexperienced artist could learn how to draw a fish easy and quick.

Step 1

First, draw the body of the fish, which at this stage looks like a rugby ball.

Fish drawing guide

Step 2

In the upper third of the body, depict the eye as a vertically elongated oval.

how to sketch a Fish

Step 3

Now draw the fish’s plump lips. You can also depict the line of the cheek as in my example.

how to draw a Fish for kids

Step 4

At the top of the fish’s body, draw a dorsal fin with a pair of curved lines.

how to draw a fish easy for kids

Step 5

Now go to the lower body and depict the side fin.

Step 6

Now depict the tail fin, which looks like a mustache that is turned to the side.

Step 7

Draw the gills at the very center of the fish’s body and depict the lines on the fins.

Step 8

Now give the fish some texture by drawing the scales with many C-shaped lines.

Step 9

I decided to paint the fish in shades of orange, and the eye black with a little highlight inside. But you can not be guided by this color palette, but paint your fish in any other color.

how to draw a Fish for kids

It was really easy, wasn’t it? If the instruction on how to draw a fish is easy for you, then I’m sure you will like other instructions from the Animals category. So go to this section to learn how to draw some new animals.

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