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How to Draw a Yacht

Today I will tell you how to draw a yacht. I’ll show you a couple of very simple ways to draw step by step.

How to draw a Yacht
How to draw a Yacht step-by-step

In this yacht drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw a yacht easily and quickly. I don’t know about you, but I really like to travel. And of course, dream. By the way, dreaming is very useful, and even more useful if you draw your dream. Even well-known psychologists say that if you draw the object of your dreams and hang it in a prominent place, it will speed up the process of fulfilling your desires.

And some go even further and make a collage, bringing together all their desires, on one large sheet. So let’s draw a beautiful, light yacht. Just look how easily she sways on the waves of the sea. Isn’t it great to sail on a yacht at sea? Following our lesson, it will not be difficult to draw this transport.

In the event that you want to print or download our tutorial, it is available in PDF format.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 14 minutes

How to Draw a Yacht

  1. Add the sea.

    First of all, draw the sea. It is this that will rock our yacht.How to draw a Yacht for kids

  2. Draw the hull of the yacht.

    This will be the figure with a pointed nose held high. Draw the small circle in the middle.How to draw a cartoon Yacht

  3. Draw the sail.

    Use a straight line on the right, an arc on the left, and a curved line at the bottom.How to draw a Yacht easy

  4. Draw the second sail.

    The second sail should be drawn less bloated. Just the triangle.Yacht drawing tutorial

  5. Draw the wardroom and flag.

    Depict the small square in the middle of the deck and the small flag at the very top.How to draw a simple Yacht

  6. Color in the drawing.

    Color the flags in any colors, the sea – in all shades of blue, and the yacht itself in wooden colors.How to draw a sailing Yacht

Just look at how positive the yacht is! Would you like to travel on it? If you want to print the lesson on drawing a yacht, it is available below, in PDF format.

Thus, our yacht drawing tutorial can be printed and drawn in any convenient place! I am sure that children will be delighted with the idea of ​​drawing a yacht so that they can then dream of a future trip. Remember that the sails of the yacht should be painted quite brightly, and even better with different colors. This is important because we don’t want to get lost on the high seas, right?

How to Draw a Yacht Step by Step

This tutorial will require your ability to draw straight and curved lines. In the process, you can use improvised tools, but I recommend that you draw all the lines yourself, so you will improve your creative skills.

how to draw a yacht step by step

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