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How to Draw a Panda

In fact, it is very easy to learn how to draw a panda. This super easy drawing tutorial will show you how to do it in nine simple stages.

how to draw a panda
how to draw a panda bear step by step

Like almost all of my animal tutorials, this tutorial on how to draw a panda will consist of nine simple steps. At each step, the young artist will need to sketch just a few simple lines in order to get a beautiful drawing of a panda at the end.

When we imagine a panda, we think of cute, clumsy black and white bears. They are funny and it is no surprise that they are loved all over the world.

Did you know that not all pandas are black and white? Some of them are white-brown in color, but this is less common.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Panda Bear

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    Start by drawing the outline of the head, for this you need to draw an oval-shaped figure.how to draw a panda bear easy

  2. Draw the outline of the panda’s torso.

    Sketch out a long, curved line near the previously drawn outline of the head.how to draw a panda bear art hub

  3. Add facial features.

    Draw two identical ovals, as well as two arcs and a curved line.how to draw a panda bear cute

  4. Sketch out the ears and spots around the eyes.

    Depict two symmetrical shapes and also add two curved lines around the panda’s eyes.how to draw an easy panda bear

  5. Draw the front legs.

    In front of the panda’s torso, depict two curved lines.how to draw a simple panda bear

  6. Depict the hind legs.

    At the back of the torso, draw two curved lines of different lengths.how to draw a panda bear for beginners

  7. Add details.

    Connect the edges of the previously drawn line, and also add two curved lines on the back.how to draw a cartoon panda bear

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Remove all auxiliary lines with the eraser.how to draw a cute panda bear

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the panda bear, you need to use gray and black colors. Add highlights in the eyes.how to draw a panda

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Also, do not forget to download the PDF version of the lesson. There you will find many interesting things that will help young artists improve their drawing skills.

How to Draw a Panda From the Side

This figure shows a side view. You can easily repeat this if you carefully and accurately follow all the drawing steps. This drawing lesson will be interesting and useful for you.

panda step by step drawing tutorial

How to Draw a Sitting Panda

In the picture you see a cute panda sitting calmly with its head slightly turned to the side. The panda has an easily recognizable black and white color. As you can see, the panda has black ears, black eye area, black paws and upper back. You will depict all these features in your drawing.

how to draw an easy panda step by step

The Easiest Way to Draw a Panda

Now let’s try to draw a panda in the simplest way. First of all, draw the outlines of the head and torso with two circles, then add the eyes and mouth. Then draw the limbs and color the panda bear.

panda step by step drawing instruction

Panda Drawing Tutorial : Alternative Method

This option, unlike the previous one, will show you how to draw a panda without preliminary steps. You will be able to depict this cute bear cub detail by detail.

panda step by step drawing lesson

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