How to Draw a Horse for Kindergarten

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Today I will tell you about how to draw a horse for kindergarten. This very simple drawing tutorial is specially designed for children and beginner artists.

There are many ways and techniques that teach how to draw animals. In this tutorial, I tried to create the simplest way to draw a horse. To do this, you just need to draw a few basic geometric shapes.

Don’t forget that you can create any horse design. Change the look of the animal or choose different colors. So my instructions will help you create your individual characters.

So grab your favorite painting supplies and get ready to create some really cool art. I hope you get great results. Please do not forget to write in the comments about how well you were able to do this. I would especially appreciate criticism because it helps me work.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Horse for Kindergarten

  1. Draw the torso.

    Depict a large, dissymmetrical oval in the center of the piece of paper.How to Draw a Horse for Kindergarten tutorial

  2. Draw the horse’s head.

    The horse’s head and neck are formed by a single figure that adjoins the body in front.How to Draw a Horse for Kindergarten guide

  3. Add the horse’s facial features.

    Draw the ears, eyes and mouth in the form of elementary lines as in my sample.Horse for Kindergarten Drawing tutorial

  4. Add the limbs of the horse.

    I decided to choose the easiest way to draw a horse so the limbs look like four rounded elongated shapes.easy way to draw a Horse for Kindergarten

  5. Draw the tail and mane.

    The tail and mane are the main adornments of any horse. Draw it with dense intense shading.easy way to draw a Horse for kids

  6. Color the horse.

    Use any colors according to your imagination.How-to-Draw-a-Horse-for-Kindergarten-easy

So, this was a horse for kindergarten drawing lesson and I hope you enjoyed it. If so, write about it in the comments. Also, do not forget to download the PDF version of the tutorial, which includes the steps for this tutorial, as well as some useful additional content.

  1. saeful

    Hii mr Aram, i am saeful from indonesia. request permission to use your artwork for teaching materials in elementary schools and publish it in the form of a video with my style in imitating your drawing

    Thank You


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