How to Draw a Knight Helmet for Kids

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In this drawing lesson, I will learn you how to draw a knight helmet for kids. Helmet – a means of protecting the head of a warrior (in our case a knight) from damage caused mainly by cold weapons, and later – by firearms.


Step 1

First, draw a circle as we do when we draw heads.

Step 2

Sketch out the visor and circular hinge at the side.

Step 3

Sketch out some vertical openings and a long line in the center of the visor.

Step 4

Use smooth lines to draw the neck of the helmet.

Step 5

On the top of the helmet draw the feathers.

Step 6

The drawing of the helmet is ready. It remains only to paint the drawing.

Step 7

Paint the helmet in light blue or light gray and the feathers in red or blue.

Helmets have been known since ancient times, at first, they were made of leather and then made of copper and steel. Such an element of armor was widespread in ancient times, in the Middle Ages (it was this helmet that we drew today) and received a new life in the 20th and 21st centuries.

How to Draw a Knight Helmet for Kids Easy

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