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How to Draw an Orc

This tutorial will tell and show you how to draw an orc for kids. The lesson will be extremely simple, and understandable for children.

This lesson on how to draw an orc for kids will be useful for children primarily in that it will allow them to understand how to draw anthropomorphic creatures that are different from humans.

how to draw an orc for kids
how to draw an orc step by step

How to Draw an Orc: Introduction

Orcs are creatures in fairy tales of the peoples of Western Europe and in contemporary works of the genre of fantasy. Orcs are very similar to goblins and are among the “standard” creature types in fantasy.

Drawing orcs, like other fantasy characters and creatures, helps not only to improve skills in the fine arts, but also to develop imagination.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of small details on the orc’s body. If drawing all of them is difficult, then you can draw an orc without them.

So, if all the art supplies are ready, then it’s time to start the lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Step-by-Step Orc Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw an Orc for Kids

  1. Sketch out the head.

    First, draw an oval as a guide for the head of the orc. Note that the top of the monster’s head is noticeably smaller than the bottom.
    how to draw an orc for kids

  2. Draw the facial features.

    Sketch out the frown eyes, nose, mouth, and protruding fangs. Try to capture that angry orc expression you see in my example.
    how to draw an orc

  3. Add more details to the head.

    Draw out the sharp ears and a tight bundle on top of the head. In addition, you can draw scars, rings and other details on the orc’s face.
    learn how to draw an orc

  4. Draw the torso of the orc.

    To do this, use a geometric shape that looks like a large rounded rectangle. It is necessary to create the feeling of a large and heavy creature.
    drawing tutorial step by step

  5. Draw the orc’s arms.

    Firstly, draw out the outlines of the arms, then the hands with pointed fingers. Make the hands open so you can put weapons into them later.
    learn how to draw an orc

  6. Draw the legs of the orc.

    First, draw the outlines of the legs with several straight lines, and then the elongated pointed feet. Notice that in my example the legs are shorter than the arms.
    learn to draw an orc

  7. Draw the bracers and club.

    To make the club look more realistic, you can add texture to the thickened end. You can replace the club with another weapon, such as a sword or axe.
    how to draw an orc for beginners

  8. Add some details to the costume.

    Draw the straps, shoulder pad, and armor lines on the feet. In addition, you can add other details of the armor, or draw a shield in the second hand.
    how to draw an orc for children

  9. Erase the guidelines.

    When erasing construction lines, try not to touch the important lines of the drawing. You can make the lines of the orc drawing darker to give it more expressiveness.
    Orc drawing tutorial

  10. Color the orc drawing.

    You can color the character green or gray. The rest of the elements can be painted brown or dark gray. Or you can paint the monster gray or red.

How to Draw an Orc: Video Tutorial

Improve Your Orc Artwork

So, orc drawing tutorial has come to an end, and it’s time to tell you how you can make your artwork even better and how to improve your artistic skills.

  • Try to make your drawing of an orc more voluminous and detailed. To do this, add shadows and highlights to your drawing.
  • Add additional elements to your drawing. These could be rings, tattoos, additional elements of armor, as I wrote above.
  • Add other characters or environments. You can draw a knight fighting your drawn orc against the backdrop of an ominous cave.
  • Add some movement to your orc artwork. Try drawing him running, swinging a baton, or doing other movements.

All these activities will help you deepen your drawing skills. Practice as often as possible, and one day you will realize how easy it is for you to draw fantasy characters.

Additional Materials

We have come to the end of the orc drawing lesson. As always, here I am posting a shortened version of the instructrion, which is easy to save to your device, publish as an image on social networks, and use at any time.

How to Draw an Orc for Kids

And of course, the PDF version of this drawing lesson. In it, you will find the tutorial itself, a coloring book, a tracing worksheet, and a grid drawing worksheet.


This drawing lesson was very simple, like all the other drawing lessons on my site. I really hope that using the steps above you will get a nice orc drawing.

Don’t forget also about the tricks that I wrote about above. Try to practice often and draw as many fantasy monsters drawings as possible, and you will definitely be able to learn how to draw fantasy creatures like a real professional.

By the way, do not forget that I have a page on Pinterest and I am waiting for your subscriptions there.

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