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How to Draw a Lava Lamp

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a lava lamp. This step-by-step guide will be very simple and interesting.

easy lava lamp drawing
how to draw a lava lamp step by step

I am glad to offer you a clear and accessible instruction on how to draw a lava lamp. If you complete this lesson, you will acquire useful skills and have a good time.

In the picture you see a lava lamp, which has a cylindrical shape. The lamp is located on a small stand, inside there is paraffin in a semi-liquid form. Paraffin particles have a rounded shape.

All these elements you have to depict in your drawing. So grab your art supplies and enjoy the creative process. I am sure you will enjoy this lesson very much.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Lava Lamp

  1. Draw the main body of the lamp.

    Determine the size of your drawing and draw two even, straight lines.how to draw a lava lamp easy

  2. Depict the top.

    Draw a small oval at the top to indicate the top outline.how to draw a lava lamp art hub

  3. Detail the main part.

    Draw two curved cross lines as shown in the example.lava lamp drawing lesson

  4. Add the bottom part.

    Depict the bottom of the lamp, which is shaped like a trapezoid.lava lamp drawing tutorial

  5. Sketch out the stand.

    The stand has almost the same shape as the bottom, but the wide part is at the bottom.lava lamp drawing guide

  6. Draw the contents of the lamp.

    Add semi-liquid paraffin in the form of several rounded elements.cartoon lava lamp drawing

  7. Color the lamp.

    Color the body in gray, and paint the contents of the lamp with any bright colors.easy lava lamp drawing

The lava lamp is ready! I hope you have a great drawing, and you are proud of yourself. I would be interested to know your opinion about this tutorial, and I will ask you to leave a little feedback in the comments. For your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file in advance that contains information about this lesson. Rather, download the file and draw at any convenient time.

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