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How to Draw a Pug

Eager to sketch a lovable pug? Dive into my tutorial and learn how to draw a pug with ease. Perfect for all art enthusiasts!

Discover the joy of pug drawing with this straightforward tutorial crafted for kids. Embrace the easy steps and watch as a delightful pug comes to life. Designed with young artists in mind, it’s all about making art simple, enjoyable, and rewarding.

how to draw a pug easy
how to draw a pug step by step

Table of Contents

How to Draw a Pug: Basic Information

Grab your pencils and paper because today you’re going to learn how to draw a pug — one of the most delightful dog breeds out there. In this pug drawing lesson, I’ve simplified the process into simple, understandable steps, conveying the essence of this adorable pup in a playful and stylized way.

Pugs are known for their expressive faces and compact, muscular bodies. We’ll start with the basic shapes to form their characteristic round head and squat body.

Special attention will be given to their big, soulful eyes and distinctive, wrinkled face, which are key to a pug’s charm. Their small, curled tail is another feature we’ll focus on, ensuring that your simplified pug drawing captures the breed’s playful and affectionate nature.

By the end of the pug drawing lesson, you’ll have a cute, cartoon-like pug looking back at you from the page. So, let’s jump into the delightful world of pug drawing and bring this little canine companion to life!

Pug Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Pug

  1. Start with basics.

    Outline a large vertical oval. This shape combines both the head and body of the pug. It’s the foundation for your pug drawing.how to draw a pug cute

  2. Begin detailing the face.

    In this drawing step, carefully draw the pug nose. Then depict the open mouth using curved lines. Inside, place a gentle arc to represent the tongue’s position.how to draw a pug dog

  3. Add details.

    At this stage draw the folds of the nose and mouth of the pug. To do this you need to outline around the mouth and nose.how to draw a pug dog

  4. Draw the pug eyes and brows.

    Outline two circles for the eyes. Add the curved lines above each eye to depict the eyebrow’s natural arch and create the folds above the nose bridge. Draw the remaining folds as shown in the example.how to draw a pug for beginners

  5. Sketch out the ears.

    Draw the floppy ears on each side of the head, ensuring they are symmetrical and give a friendly appearance. Place them above the eyebrow level.how to draw a pug cartoon

  6. Draw the pug paws and neck folds.

    Depict two front legs with a slight curve for the paws. Add two lines above each leg to represent the neck folds. Keep the lines smooth and rounded.how to draw a pug cute easy

  7. Outline the back paws.

    Sketch two small curved lines at the base to draw the pug hind paws. Position them slightly apart for a realistic stance.how to draw a cartoon pug

  8. Review the drawing.

    Check each part for accuracy and proportion. Look for areas that need adjustment. Correct any inconsistencies to ensure the pug looks balanced and complete.how to draw a pug dog easy

  9. Apply colors to the pug drawing.

    Choose a light beige for the body. Shade the ears and muzzle slightly darker. Color the eyes black with white highlights. Add pink for the tongue.how to draw a pug easy

Additional Content

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve prepared a complimentary PDF file containing a condensed version of this pug drawing lesson, ensuring you can enjoy learning to draw even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Additionally, this means you have the flexibility to continue honing your drawing skills in a variety of settings, be it while traveling or relaxing at home. Furthermore, this downloadable resource has been meticulously crafted to assist you in easily revisiting each step of the drawing process at your leisure.

Moreover, having this PDF at your fingertips allows for uninterrupted practice, specifically aimed at reinforcing the steps to draw a pug, and further ingraining these techniques into your artistic repertoire. Consequently, this focused practice can lead to noticeable improvements in your ability to draw a pug.

Common Mistakes

As we venture into the pug drawing session, remember that the smallest details can significantly enhance the overall likeness. Now, let’s meticulously review some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Firstly, avoid making the body too long: Pugs have a compact, square physique. Make sure the body is stout and not elongated.
  • Secondly, don’t oversize the ears: Their ears are small and delicate. Draw them proportionally to the head.
  • Thirdly, be cautious with the eyes: Pugs have distinctive, large eyes. However, in a pug drawing, they shouldn’t touch the muzzle or be too far apart.
  • Additionally, do not ignore the wrinkles: Pugs are known for their wrinkles. Make sure to include these signature folds, but also ensure they’re not too deep or sparse.
  • Finally, be careful with the tail: Their tail curls over the hip, so don’t forget to give it a proper spiral shape.

By now, you’ve become more familiar with the nuances of a pug drawing. With each stroke, remember that practice is key.


As our pug drawing lesson comes to a close, it’s been a pleasure guiding you through the intricate steps to capture the essence of such an endearing dog breed. I hope you’re leaving this tutorial with not only a delightful pug illustration but also with a deeper appreciation for the art of drawing dogs.

If you’ve enjoyed this process, I invite you to explore more on my website, where you’ll find a variety of drawing lessons featuring different dog breeds. Each tutorial is designed to help you capture the unique charm of these canine companions.

And for those of you who are always on the lookout for new and exciting drawing lessons, make sure to follow my social media channels. By following, you’ll get the latest updates on new tutorials, tips for perfecting your technique, and a peek into upcoming projects.

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