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How to Draw Nezuko

In this easy-to-follow drawing tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to draw Nezuko Kamado – a pivotal character from the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer.

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How to Draw Nezuko: Basic Information

In this Nezuko drawing lesson, we’ll show you how to portray her iconic features in a stylized and adorable way that’s characteristic of chibi illustrations.

We’ll concentrate on capturing the simplicity and exaggerated cuteness, starting with her wide, expressive eyes and then moving on to the small, concealed mouth tucked away beneath her iconic bamboo muzzle.

You’ll learn to illustrate Nezuko’s petite frame, her flowing hair, and the intricate details of her kimono, all while keeping the proportions endearing and compact as it is essential in chibi art.

Lastly, drawing Nezuko provides an opportunity for cultural education. Anime is a significant part of Japanese culture, and by engaging with this art form, children learn a new style of drawing and gain insights into Japanese cultural motifs and storytelling techniques.

Nezuko Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Nezuko

  1. Sketch the head and torso of Nezuko.

    Draw an oval for the head and attach a smaller, elongated shape for the torso. This initial framework will serve as the foundation for the character, helping you establish proper proportions and positioning. Ensure that the head is slightly larger in relation to the body to capture the characteristic anime proportions.Sketch the head and torso of Nezuko

  2. Add the elements to the face.

    Draw two large, expressive eyes and a tiny nose. You can use a horizontal line to ensure the eyes are aligned and evenly spaced. Sketch the distinctive bamboo muzzle over her mouth, a small cylindrical piece with ribbon details around it, representing its ties.Add the elements to the face

  3. Draw Nezuko’s hair and accessories.

    Begin at the top of her head, creating flowing lines that extend down past her shoulders. Her hair is a key feature, adding to her mysterious and ethereal appearance. Be sure to include some strands that frame her face and others that cascade behind her, giving a sense of volume.Draw Nezuko’s hair and accessories

  4. Illustrate the character’s kimono.

    Outline the upper part of Nezuko’s traditional kimono. Draw the draping sleeves that hang loosely from her shoulders. The kimono should look soft and flowing, reflecting the fabric’s texture. You can add folds and creases in the fabric to make it look natural and dynamic.Illustrate the character’s kimono

  5. Continue drawing the kimono.

    Continue the kimono by drawing the lower part, which should flare out slightly towards the ground. Add the obi (belt) around her waist, a crucial element in defining the kimono’s shape and style. This adds authenticity to her outfit and breaks the monotony of the kimono.Continue drawing the kimono

  6. Draw Nezuko’s hands.

    At this stage, draw her hands emerging from the sleeves. The hands in my example are drawn very simply and consist of literally several lines. This simplicity of drawing hands is one of the hallmarks of the chibi style. You can draw the hands slightly clenched into delicate fists.Draw Nezuko’s hands

  7. Add the legs and shoes.

    Draw the lower portion of Nezuko’s body, focusing on her legs and feet. The legs should emerge slightly from the bottom of the kimono, with her feet positioned in traditional sandals (geta). Ensure that the feet and sandals are drawn accurately to reflect her stance and movement.Add the legs and shoes

  8. Review and refine your drawing.

    Now, carefully erase all initial guidelines and unnecessary marks from your drawing. This includes any overlapping lines from the basic shapes used to construct Nezuko’s figure. Cleaning up the sketch helps to refine and clarify the final drawing, preparing it for the final coloring stage.Review and refine your drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    Start with her eyes, using a soft pink to reflect her demonic transformation while maintaining a subtle, humane expression. For her kimono, select colors that are typically seen in her anime portrayal, such as rich burgundy. For hair, choose a dark gray color similar to the color of the top of the kimono.Color the drawing

Additional Content

I’ve prepared a PDF file with a condensed version of this drawing tutorial. Moreover, this file is completely free for you to download. Furthermore, once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to draw Nezuko even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Additionally, having this file can be extremely convenient for on-the-go practice. So, grab your copy and start Nezuko drawing anytime, anywhere!

Improve Your Nezuko Drawing

Now that you’ve mastered the basic steps of drawing Nezuko Kamado from the “Demon Slayer” series, let’s learn how to elevate your artwork further. The following detailed suggestions will guide you in adding depth, emotion, and context to your drawings. By integrating dynamic poses, intricate backgrounds, along with cultural elements and symbolic imagery, you can create a more immersive and narratively rich depiction of Nezuko.

  • Depict Nezuko in a vivid action pose where she’s using her Blood Demon Art. Focus on dynamic angles, like a low viewpoint looking up to emphasize her power and movement. Include detailed effects such as blurring or speed lines to simulate motion, illustrating her agility and ferocity in battle.
  • Create an intricate background setting that tells a story. For instance, a depiction of Nezuko navigating a haunted forest with twisted trees and creeping fog can enhance the eerie atmosphere of her demonic side. Incorporate hidden elements that hint at her story, like subtle symbols engraved in the trees or shadows that seem to watch her.
  • Integrate detailed cultural elements such as a traditional tea ceremony setup, with Nezuko in a serene pose, to contrast her demonic nature. Or depict her passing through a festival with lanterns that cast soft glows on her face, reflecting the human emotions she struggles to retain.
  • Position Nezuko alongside her brother Tanjiro and other Demon Slayers in a strategic formation or during a quiet moment of reflection. Show interactions like supportive glances or teamwork in battle.
  • Create a split composition of Nezuko showing her under the sunlight and in the moonlight, highlighting her dual existence. Use bright, warm colors for the day to symbolize her human memories and darker, cooler shades for the night to suggest her demonic side.
  • When depicting her demonic powers, use luminous, ethereal colors and intricate patterns that seem to radiate from her. These magical effects should look otherworldly, making her appear powerful yet uncontrollable.
  • You can draw a series of facial expressions for Nezuko, capturing a wide range of emotions from fierce and protective to gentle and contemplative.


Congratulations on completing this detailed drawing tutorial for Nezuko Kamado from “Demon Slayer.” By following these steps and incorporating the advanced techniques suggested, you’ve learned how to draw this anime character.

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