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How to Draw Nezuko

Unleash your inner artist and learn how to draw Nezuko in no time. Follow our easy-to-follow tutorial to create amazing Nezuko artwork.

Drawing Nezuko has never been so simple! I’ve crafted a tutorial that’s perfect for kids and beginners. Walk with me through each stage, from the basic outline to the intricate details, and watch as Nezuko emerges on your paper. Let’s start this artistic journey together!

 how to draw nezuko easy
how to draw nezuko step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw Nezuko

Join me today as we embrace the charming style of chibi art to learn how to draw Nezuko from “Demon Slayer.” In this Nezuko drawing session, we’ll explore how to portray her iconic features in a stylized and adorable way that’s characteristic of chibi illustrations.

We’ll concentrate on capturing the simplicity and exaggerated cuteness, starting with her wide, expressive eyes and then moving on to the small, concealed mouth tucked away beneath her iconic bamboo muzzle.

You’ll learn to illustrate Nezuko’s petite frame, her flowing hair, and the intricate details of her kimono, all while keeping the proportions endearing and compact as it is essential in chibi art.

By breaking down each element into simple shapes and lines, you’ll see Nezuko come to life on your page, infused with all the charm and innocence of the chibi form. So, let’s get our pencils ready for a fun adventure into the world of drawing!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw Nezuko

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Nezuko

  1. Begin with the foundation.

    Start by drawing a circle for the head. Directly beneath, draw an oval for the Nezuko body, ensuring they connect smoothly. Use these basic shapes as our guide for the rest of the drawing.how to draw nezuko full body

  2. Add elements to the face.

    Draw two curved eyes with arched eyebrows above. Place the bamboo stick horizontally, indicating it’s held in the character’s mouth. Ensure the features align well for a cohesive look.how to draw nezuko chibi

  3. Draw the Nezuko hair and accessories.

    Begin by sketching wavy strands cascading down both sides of the head. Then, draw the ribbon on the Nezuko hair.how to draw nezuko from demon slayer

  4. Depict the character’s attire.

    Begin by sketching the character’s flowing garments, adding the folds for depth. Start from the shoulders and work your way down. Complete the look by ensuring smooth edges.how to draw nezuko easy step by step

  5. Add details to the attire.

    Draw the sash across the chest and delineate the layers. Sketch the belt wrapping around the waist, and emphasize the garment’s folds for depth.how to draw nezuko cute

  6. Draw the Nezuko hands.

    Now, draw the hands peeking out from the sleeves. Begin with the character’s left hand, making fingers slightly curved. Move to the right hand, repeating the process.how to draw nezuko for beginners

  7. Add the legs and shoes.

    Sketch two elongated shapes for the legs. Finally, add rounded shapes for the shoes, detailing them appropriately.anime how to draw nezuko

  8. Review and refine your drawing.

    Examine your sketch closely. Spot any inconsistencies or errors. Make necessary corrections to ensure accuracy and balance. Finish this step with care.nezuko drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    Select appropriate shades for the hair, eyes, outfit, and complexion. Distribute color evenly. Enhance your Nezuko drawing’s appeal. Finalize details.how to draw nezuko easy

Additional Content

I’ve prepared a PDF file with a condensed version of this drawing tutorial. Moreover, this file is completely free for you to download. Furthermore, once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to draw Nezuko even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Additionally, having this file can be extremely convenient for on-the-go practice. So, grab your copy and start Nezuko drawing anytime, anywhere!

Improve Your Nezuko Drawing

For your Nezuko drawing, you can create an environment that reflects her story and personality.

  • Bamboo forest: To begin with, you might start by sketching a dense bamboo forest, which not only metaphorically whispers the secrets of Nezuko transformation but also serves as a sanctuary, much like her own need for concealment and protection.
  • Cherry blossoms: Following that, you could consider adding a cascade of cherry blossoms, which not only beautify the scene but also symbolize the fleeting nature of her human life. The delicate petals help create a serene atmosphere, evocative of Nezuko’s grace amidst turmoil.
  • Japanese village: Moving forward, illustrate the quaint and rustic details of a Japanese village. This not only provides a glimpse into Nezuko’s wanderings but also intricately showcases the daily life in Taisho-era Japan.
  • Mountains cape: Furthermore, depict the imposing silhouette of mountains against the sky, serving as a powerful symbol of the monumental challenges Nezuko confronts.
  • Night sky: Finally, you could portray a night sky, dotted with stars or the soft glow of a full moon, to reflect the hidden depths and duality of Nezuko’s existence.

The setting you craft around Nezuko should mirror the silent strength and layered complexity of her character. Whether she is framed by the gentle fall of sakura or the mysterious luminescence of a nocturnal landscape, each element of the setting can tell a fragment of her compelling story.

Your drawing will thus become a window into Nezuko world—a world as captivating and multifaceted as Nezuko herself. To achieve excellent results, utilize the lessons on my website to diversify your artwork.


Looking back on our journey through this Nezuko drawing tutorial, it’s evident that every stage was essential to capture the essence of this beloved character. From the outset, breaking down the drawing into manageable steps allowed us to meticulously craft each detail, especially given the chibi style representation.

To ensure you’re always in the loop with our latest drawing adventures, I warmly invite you to follow me on social media. This way, you’ll not only stay informed about new lessons but also join our vibrant community of budding artists!

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