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How to Draw Kuromi

Eager to draw Kuromi? My step-by-step tutorial simplifies the process, teaching you how to draw Kuromi with precision and flair. Start your drawing journey today!

In my carefully crafted guide, I invite you to learn the art of drawing Kuromi. I’ve broken down the complexities into simple, easy-to-follow stages, helping you to draw Kuromi playful persona. Whether you’re doodling for fun or looking to improve your skills, let’s draw Kuromi together and make some magic!

how to draw kuromi easy
how to draw kuromi step by step

Table of Contents

How to Draw Kuromi: Basic Information

Hey there, budding artists! If you’re looking to add a dash of quirky charm to your sketchbook, then you’re in for a treat. I’ve whipped up this super cool, super fun tutorial on how to draw Kuromi just for you. Now, Kuromi isn’t your average cutesy character—she’s got sass, she’s got spunk, and she’s a blast to draw.

My method is chill and easy to follow—think of it as your friendly guide on the quest to draw Kuromi. You start with basic shapes—no need to get all tangled up in details from the get-go. We’re building from the ground up, just like putting together a puzzle.

So, step by step, I’ll walk you through each part of Kuromi, from her oversized head to those mischievous eyes and that cheeky grin. And those iconic bat ears? You’ll nail ’em with a few easy lines.

The cool part? This technique isn’t just about drawing Kuromi once; it’s about understanding the character design so you can draw Kuromi anytime, anyplace.

By breaking it down into easy steps, you’re not only learning to draw Kuromi, but you’re also gearing up to infuse your personality into your sketches. So, grab that pencil and let’s get to sketching—Kuromi won’t draw herself!

Kuromi Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Kuromi

  1. Draw the base of the Kuromi drawing.

    Begin with a large, round circle to draw the head of the Kuromi. Directly underneath, sketch a smaller oval for the body. Thus, this base will serve as the guide for character playful form.how to draw kuromi cute

  2. Start drawing the hat.

    Within the head circle, draw a curved line across the upper part to create the Kuromi facial division. Then, add the small skull in the center just above this line to start detailing her jester hat.how to draw kuromi step by step easy

  3. Draw the Kuromi ears.

    Now draw two large triangular ears on the head, making sure they are symmetrical and pointing upward to convey her playful, devilish charm. Then, place a small circle at the tip of each ear.how to draw kuromi easy cute

  4. Depict the facial features.

    Sketch out the rounded eyes with the lashes on each to the face. Then, draw the small oval for her nose, and beneath it, etch a curved line for her playful smile. how to draw kuromi draw so cute

  5. Start drawing the costume.

    Draw the collar by tracing a series of V-shaped forms under the head to create a ruffled effect. At each intersection point of the lines, draw a small circle to add a jester-like flair to her outfit.easy how to draw kuromi

  6. Sketch out the arms.

    To add the arms, draw two small oval shapes on each side of her body. These ovals should be angled slightly outward to give the impression of hands resting on her hips in a sassy pose.how to draw kuromi full body

  7. Draw the legs and tail.

    Now, draw the legs by extending two long shapes from the bottom of her body. Thus, on the right side, add the small curved tail with a pointed tip, giving it a slight upward flick.kuromi drawing lesson for beginners

  8. Correct any inaccuracies.

    Double-check the overall proportions and symmetry of your Kuromi drawing. Smooth out any uneven lines and refine the shapes to ensure the depiction is neat and accurate.easy kuromi drawing

  9. Color the Kuromi drawing.

    To color, you will need black or dark gray for her headdress and tail. Use pink for the skull on her headdress, nose, and the balls on her collar. how to draw kuromi easy

Additional Content

So, I’ve crafted a complimentary PDF file for you, which encapsulates a brief version of this Kuromi drawing tutorial. It’s designed to smoothly guide you through the drawing process, providing a succinct yet comprehensive overview of each step.

Thus, this handy guide is ideal for artists who prefer a streamlined approach or require a quick refresher without going through the entire lesson. Download it, and you’ll have a convenient reference to help you draw Kuromi anytime.

Deep Covering

When aiming for a deep understanding of Kuromi drawing, each step in the learning process is critical. Here’s a detailed exploration of each stage:

  • Understanding Kuromi’s anatomy: Begin by observing character design. Note the size of her head compared to her body, the shape of her large bat-like ears, and her facial structure. Recognizing these proportions is essential for a balanced drawing.
  • Breaking down the drawing into simple shapes: Identify the basic shapes that make up Kuromi’s form, such as circles for the head and body, and triangles for the ears. Starting with these shapes can simplify the process and helps maintain proportionality.
  • Mastering line work: Practice drawing clean and deliberate lines. For this character, this means smooth curves for her head and sharp points for her ears and collar. The quality of your line work greatly affects the neatness of the finished drawing.
  • Adding color: Choose the right hues to match Kuromi’s color scheme, typically black, white, and pink. Pay attention to the consistency of the colors and try to stay within the lines for a professional finish.
  • Expressing emotion: This character’s expressions convey her personality. Adjust the shape of her eyes, the curve of her mouth, and the positioning of her ears to reflect different emotions.
  • Creating a background: Decide on a background that fits Kuromi’s personality. A simple backdrop can keep the focus on her, while a detailed scene can tell a story.
  • Finishing touches: Add highlights to character’s eyes to make them sparkle. Refine the edges of your drawing to remove any stray pencil marks and clean up the outlines.


I’d also like to invite you to delve into the other drawing lessons on my website. These tutorials are a testament to the endless possibilities that lie within your pencil and paper. For example, you can learn how to draw Hello Kitty.

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