How to Draw a Sheep for Kids

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how to draw a sheep for kids

how to draw a sheep

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a sheep for kids. This is a very simple lesson that will make you feel confident in your abilities.

Step 1

First, we sketch out the outlines of our sheep using two rounded shapes. Try to use light lines in this step without pressing the pencil. The first shape looks a bit like a pear.

how to draw a baby sheep

Step 2

Add the outlines of the legs of our sheep. We chose the cartoon style so it looks like four simple rectangles that are vertically extended.

how to draw animals

Step 3

As you know, sheep have a thick, curly coat. Let’s draw this six on top of our sheep’s head. Use short, rounded lines that form a cloud-like shape.

how easy to draw a sheep

Step 4

Add similar rounded lines to the body of our sheep. There should be no strokes in the center of the resulting shape.

how to draw a sheep for beginners

Step 5

In this guide, we decided to use the simplest drawing techniques. That is why in this step we will draw two dots and two lines that will form the lamb’s facial features.

how to draw a sheep easy step by step

Step 6

Now we are going to add some details that will make our drawing more attractive and cute. In this step, we will draw a pair of rounded droopy ears.

how to draw a sheep easy

Step 7

All sheep have small cute hooves. We also decided to draw these hooves in the most simplified style possible.

sheep drawing tutorial

Step 8

As always, we leave the traditional step without actions so that you can evaluate your sketch. If you see any errors, you can fix it in this step.

sheep drawing

Step 9

Use dark gray as the main color in this picture. Pay attention to the white highlights in the eyes – these are very important details.

how to draw a sheep for kids

We hope this post was helpful to you. We really look forward to your feedback in the form of questions and comments on this guide. It helps us a lot to work!

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