How to Draw a Simple Dinosaur

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It’s really easy to learn how to draw a simple dinosaur. I created this nine-step dinosaur drawing tutorial for you.

This tutorial on how to draw a simple dinosaur is a continuation of my previous tutorial on a dinosaur.

Translated from the Greek “dinosaur” means a creepy lizard. But these semi-fabulous giant creatures no longer scare us, because they have become extinct long ago. This is perhaps the only fact about them that all scientists agree with.

But what color the dinosaurs were, scientists do not know exactly. This is because the dinosaur skin is extremely rare to find.

It is believed that their color blended with the colors of the environment – so it would be easier for dinosaurs to hide from enemies.

It is customary to portray the dinosaurs in gray or green. Today in the dinosaur drawing lesson we chose green. So, let’s get down to the lesson!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Dinosaur

  1. Depict the head

    First of all draw the outline of the dinosaur head as in my example.1 how to draw for kids

  2. Draw the eyes and the mouth

    Depict two small circles with dots inside, then draw the mouth.2 how to draw a cartoon

  3. Depict the neck

    At this point, using two long lines draw the neck.3 how to draw a dinosaur easy step by step

  4. Depict the torso with the tail.

    Draw a shape that looks like a pear with a pointed edge. As a result, we get the torso and tail of the dinosaur.4 how to draw a dinosaur

  5. Depict the legs.

    In order to depict the legs, draw two rectangles slightly widened on one side.5 how to draw a dinosaur

  6. Draw the second pair of legs.

    Draw the legs in the same way as in the step 5.6 how to draw a dinosaur

  7. Add details.

    So, we’re almost done. Draw the claws and spots.7 dinosaur drawing guide

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    To complete the drawing, delete any unnecessary guidelines.8 dinosaur drawing

  9. Color the dinosaur drawing.

    Our dinosaur is green, but you can choose another color. For example, gray, brown or blue.9 how to draw a dinosaur for kids

It should be noted that you can use your imagination and add other animals or plants to the drawing to make your drawing more vivid and interesting.

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