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How to Draw a Tarantula

Get your pencils ready to learn how to draw a tarantula that’s more cute than creepy. So, follow my simple steps for a cartoon-like spider that everyone will love.

Bring your creativity to life with my simple tarantula drawing lesson for kids. I’ll guide you through every easy step, so you can have a great time learning to draw an adorable tarantula character. This lesson is perfect for helping you unleash your artistic talents.

 how to draw a tarantula easy
how to draw a tarantula step by step

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Basic Information on How to Draw a Tarantula

Today, I’m super excited to guide you through a special art adventure: how to draw a tarantula in a fun, cartoon style! Now, I know what you might be thinking — tarantulas are big, hairy, and sometimes a bit scary. But in our world of drawing, they’re just big, fluffy friends waiting to pop out of our imagination and onto our paper.

Drawing a tarantula can be as fun as it is intriguing. With their eight wiggly legs, two curious eyes, and a plump body, these creatures become a playground for our colors and creativity. As a result, we will transform these scary spiders into cute, friendly creatures that smile back at us!

We’ll start with simple shapes to get the body just right, add some squiggly lines for legs, and don’t forget the big, friendly eyes that make our tarantula drawing come to life. So grab your pencils, markers, or crayons, and let’s create a tarantula that’s not only cool to look at but also super cool to create.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Tarantula

Time needed: 30 minutes

Steps on How to Draw a Tarantula

  1. Mark the contours of the future Tarantula drawing.

    Begin by drawing three circles of different sizes, each overlapping the others. As a result, this will create the foundational guide for the tarantula’s body sections.how to draw a tarantula spider

  2. Draw the tarantula legs.

    Now, use curved lines to craft eight legs, extending them outward from the body. Start with four legs on each side, spreading them equally around the circles to mimic the natural stance of the spider. how to draw a tarantula easy step by step

  3. Depict the segments on the legs.

    Draw curved segments at the base of each leg of the tarantula. Ensure that these segments have a slight curve, simulating the real leg joint of the spider.how to draw a cute tarantula

  4. Add more segments on the legs.

    Continue to define your tarantula’s legs by adding more curved segments just as you did before. This repetition of shapes will help illustrate the flexibility in the tarantula’s legs.how to draw a tarantula step by step easy

  5. Draw the ends of the tarantula legs.

    At the ends of each leg, carefully add pointed segments. These should taper to a sharper end, resembling the pointed tips that enable the tarantula to grip surfaces. how to draw a cartoon tarantula

  6. Sketch the palps.

    This step is very simple. Draw two tapered palps on the front of the tarantula face, ensuring they’re symmetrical and curve outwards.tarantula drawing lesson

  7. Depict elements of the face and detail the abdomen.

    On the tarantula face, draw oval shapes for the eyes and small circles for the detail spots. Then, add texture to the abdomen by drawing short lines to represent fine hair, giving your tarantula a fuzzy look.tarantula drawing guide

  8. Add the rest of the elements.

    Draw the appearance of the fuzzy hair on the tarantula abdomen by adding numerous short, jagged strokes. tarantula drawing tutorial

  9. Color the tarantula drawing.

    Color the eyes with deep black. For the body, apply various shades of brown, using lighter tones to highlight and darker shades to define and give depth to the tarantula form and texture.how to draw a tarantula easy

Additional Content

I’ve additionally prepared a free PDF file with a condensed version of our tarantula drawing lesson. This means that now you can enjoy creating your cartoonish spider anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this handy file is yours to keep and entirely free of charge.

The best part? Even if you find yourself somewhere without internet access, you can still open up this PDF and let your creativity flow. Furthermore, it’s a great way to practice over and over again, until you’ve mastered drawing this eight-legged buddy.

Make Your Drawing More Fun

Did you know that with just a few fun tweaks, we can make your tarantula drawing even more cheerful and adorable? That’s right! By playing up some features, our eight-legged friend will go from simply cute to cartoon charming. Let’s see how we can sprinkle some extra fun into our tarantula:

  • Start with the eyes: Firstly, draw the eyes super large, like two big marbles. Exaggerating the size makes our spider look super friendly and a lot less scary. Inside these big eyes, add a small circle in the corner to represent a gleam, which will bring your spider’s eyes to life.
  • Add a happy smile: Next, let’s give our tarantula a smile that stretches from one side to the other. Just a long, upward curve will make it look like it’s having the best day ever.
  • Wavy legs for movement: Then, instead of straight lines, use wavy ones for the legs. Imagine they’re wiggling to some groovy music. This will give the impression that your tarantula is in the middle of a happy dance.
  • Brighten with color: Moving on, forget about the usual browns—pick your favorite colors to fill in the body. Maybe a splash of sunny yellow or a cool blue? These vibrant hues will make your drawing pop off the page.
  • Funny accessories: Lastly, for an extra touch of fun, why not draw a tiny top hat on its head or a quirky bow tie around its neck? Accessories like these are unexpected on a spider and will surely bring a giggle.

And there you go! With these transitions from one feature to the next, you’re building a tarantula that’s bursting with character and charm. Remember, in cartoon drawings, there are no right or wrong answers, so you can experiment and make your tarantula the way you like it!


And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our tarantula drawing adventure! With each stroke and splash of color, you’ve brought a dash of joy into our art. Remember how we started with simple circles? Now look at your masterpiece — a cheerful, cartoonish tarantula drawing that’s all your own.

Wow, what a fantastic journey we’ve had sketching our friendly tarantula! Isn’t it amazing how a few simple shapes transformed into such a delightful cartoon creation? Your tarantula drawing, with its oversized eyes and squiggly legs, just oozes charm and personality.

Don’t forget, this tarantula drawing is just the start! There are so many more lessons to discover on my website. And for the latest updates and new tutorials, make sure to follow me on social media. Stay creative!

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