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How to Draw a Troll Face

I have prepared for you a tutorial on how to draw a troll face, which consists of only nine very simple steps.

troll face how to draw
how to draw a troll face stepp by step

Now another exciting drawing lesson awaits you. I decided to change the subject a little and invite you to draw an unusual character. In this walkthrough, I’ll show you how to draw a troll face.

This is a popular black and white image that is a troll meme. This character symbolizes trolling on the Internet. This image quickly spread and became popular. Many users began to use this drawing in various cartoons. The troll’s face symbolizes the emotions of a contented troll. The troll’s face has a wide smile, and a very angry expression is obtained. You see the troll is gloating. This is a cunning and hypocritical character.

The tutorial consists of a few simple steps, and any aspiring artist can easily get the job done. As you can see, there are many different lines, but it is not necessary to repeat them exactly. You can allow for more arbitrary lines when drawing the various elements of the troll face.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Troll Face

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    To do this, use several smooth lines.how to make a troll face

  2. Depict the eyes.

    The eyes are irregular and slightly squinted.troll face outline

  3. Sketch out the mouth.

    Draw a large mouth with the same shape as in the example.troll face drawing easy

  4. Draw two rows of teeth.

    At this stage, draw two smooth lines.troll face drawing tutorial

  5. Detail the teeth.

    Draw the outlines of the teeth and paint the spaces between the teeth with black.meme drawing trollface

  6. Depict the nose.

    Use a curved line to draw the outline of the nose and small folds.troll face easy to draw

  7. Add details.

    Draw eyebrows and wrinkles on the forehead.how to make the troll face

  8. Add mimic folds.

    Use a few smooth lines to add folds to the cheeks and chin.how to draw a troll cartoon face

  9. Check the drawing.

    In the last step, correct any inaccuracies.troll face how to draw

That’s all. The lesson is over. Now you can draw a troll face. Hope you found this lesson interesting and enjoyable. Share your impressions in the comments and write what other famous characters you would like to draw. I will take into account your wishes when drawing up the following lessons.

Traditionally, I have prepared a PDF file for you that contains a short version of the lesson. Download the file and use useful tools to create interesting new drawings.

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