How to Draw an Orc for Kids

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Good day dear young artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw an orc for kids. Orcs are creatures in fairy tales of the peoples of Western Europe and in contemporary works of the genre of fantasy. Orcs are very similar to goblins and are among the “standard” creature types in fantasy.


Step 1

First, draw an oval as a guide for the head of the orc.

Step 2

Sketch out the frown eyes, nose and mouth, and protruding fangs.

Step 3

Draw out the sharp ears and a tight bundle on top of the head.

Step 4

Draw a torso of our orc by using a large and wide rectangle.

Step 5

Draw out the arms of the orc as in our example.

Step 6

Sketch out the outlines of the legs of the orc.

Step 7

Draw the bracers on the forearms and the club in the hand of cartoon orc.

Step 7

Add some details to the costume of the orc such as belts and armor on the shoulder.

Step 8

Erase all unnecessary lines and the drawing of the orc is ready.

Step 9

Paint the orc green or gray. Other elements can be painted brown or dark gray.

By the way in the genre of fantasy orcs introduced John Tolkien in the novel “The Lord of the Rings”. Tolkien himself said that he took this word from the medieval poem “Beowulf.”

We got to the end of the tutorial where is the classic shortened version of the drawing lesson, which is easy to save to your device, publish as an image on social networks and use it at any time.

How to Draw an Orc for Kids

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