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How to Draw Captain America

I suggest you complete a lesson in which you will learn how to draw Captain America. I am sure you will have a great time.

how to draw Captain America
how to draw captain america step by step

If you like to draw popular characters, then you will definitely like this lesson. Now I will show you how to draw Captain America. This is a comic book superhero published by Marvel Comics.

Captain America is easily recognizable, he is dressed in a suit painted on the theme of the American flag. The superhero has a shield in his hands. In this tutorial, Captain America is presented in cartoon style and features.

The superhero has a big head and a small torso. Try to depict these proportions in your drawing. The instruction is very simple and contains a minimum of elements.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Captain America Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw Captain America

  1. Sketch the head and torso of Captain America.

    This is exactly what we did in other drawing tutorials about comics characters. But in this lesson i have a little detail. Here we need to outline the contour of the neck.
    How to draw Captain America from the Avengers

  2. Draw the arms and legs.

    Of course, Captain America in realistic style is very muscular and relief. But we draw Steve Rogers in a simplified style for kids, so mark the limbs in the form of ordinary rounded figures.
    How to draw Captain America

  3. Detail the head of Captain America.

    Now let’s work a little on the features of the superhero. Mouth and nose look like two simple short lines. Do not forget the visor and the logo in the form of the letter “A”.
    How to draw Captain America

  4. Add the shield and some details of the clothes.

    First of all, draw the shield in the form of an oval. Next, draw a star in the center of the chest. Next, using simple lines draw the belts as in my example.
    comic book character drawing tutorial

  5. Erase the guidelines from the head.

    After erasing the guidelines draw the pupils as correctly as possible. In many ways, they define the expression of the look and the entire face.
    drawing the head of Captain America

  6. Erase the guidelines from the body.

    After you erase all the auxiliary lines, do not forget to outline the lines of the drawing to give them a more comic-style look.
    drawing comic books

  7. Detail the shield of Captain America.

    Erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the shield, draw circles and a star in the center as shown in my example.
    How to draw Captain America for kids

  8. Add some colors to your Captain America drawing.

    Let’s paint our hero in the traditional colors of the Star-Striped Flag. Please note that the lower parts of the helmet are dark blue.
    How to draw Captain America for kids

I want to remind you that now you can download a PDF file that I have prepared specifically for your convenience. In this file you will find a brief instruction and additional training materials.

Alternative Drawing Technique

If in the first drawing lesson we completed the creation of the character with the help of additional lines and auxiliary steps, now we will try to sketch Steve Rogers detail by detail, without preliminary steps.

captain america step by step drawing tutorial

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