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How to Draw Captain America

Kids, it’s time to be the artist behind the shield! Join me for a fantastic lesson where I’ll teach you not one, but two engaging ways to draw Captain America in a cute chibi style. This sixty-word guide is crafted with simple, kid-friendly instructions to help you create a mini superhero with a big heart, all in a few fun-filled steps.

how to draw Captain America
how to draw captain america step by step

How to Draw Captain America: Basic Information

Welcome to an exciting drawing escapade where you’ll master how to draw Captain America. This lesson will help you channel your inner artist to bring out the hero in your heart onto the page. Through my streamlined method, drawing Captain America in his chibi form will be both enjoyable and a breeze for artists of all ages.

Our focus will be on the characteristic features of Captain America, from his miniature muscular chibi silhouette to his iconic A-emblazoned helmet. This tutorial is not just about drawing; it’s about creating a connection with the hero through your art.

By the time you finish, you’ll not just be able to draw Captain America, you’ll have a mini version of him ready to defend the pages of your sketchbook. So sharpen your pencils, steady your shields, and let’s create some art worth of a hero’s tale.

Captain America Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw Captain America

  1. Sketch the head and torso of Captain America.

    This is exactly what we did in other drawing tutorials about comics characters. But in this lesson i have a little detail. Here we need to outline the contour of the neck.
    How to draw Captain America from the Avengers

  2. Draw the arms and legs.

    Of course, Captain America in realistic style is very muscular and relief. But we draw Steve Rogers in a simplified style for kids, so mark the limbs in the form of ordinary rounded figures.
    How to draw Captain America

  3. Detail the head of Captain America.

    Now let’s work a little on the features of the superhero. Mouth and nose look like two simple short lines. Do not forget the visor and the logo in the form of the letter “A”.
    How to draw Captain America

  4. Add the shield and some details of the clothes.

    First of all, draw the shield in the form of an oval. Next, draw a star in the center of the chest. Next, using simple lines draw the belts as in my example.
    comic book character drawing tutorial

  5. Erase the guidelines from the head.

    After erasing the guidelines draw the pupils as correctly as possible. In many ways, they define the expression of the look and the entire face.
    drawing the head of Captain America

  6. Erase the guidelines from the body.

    After you erase all the auxiliary lines, do not forget to outline the lines of the drawing to give them a more comic-style look.
    drawing comic books

  7. Detail the shield of Captain America.

    Erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the shield, draw circles and a star in the center as shown in my example.
    How to draw Captain America for kids

  8. Add some colors to your Captain America drawing.

    Let’s paint our hero in the traditional colors of the Star-Striped Flag. Please note that the lower parts of the helmet are dark blue.
    How to draw Captain America for kids

Additional Content

For all you budding artists who’ve just had a blast drawing Captain America in chibi style, I’ve got a little extra something to keep the creativity flowing. I’ve put together a free PDF file that’s a shortened version of this lesson. It’s perfect for when you’re away from the screen and want to practice your skills.

Just download it, and you can draw anywhere, anytime, no internet required. This portable art buddy will guide you through the strokes and lines of drawing our superhero, ensuring you can keep creating wherever you may be.

Alternative Drawing Technique

In addition to our step-by-step guide, I’ve introduced an alternative drawing method for Captain America. This extra technique is a fantastic way for you to practice more and really refine those art skills. It’s all about giving you the tools to become even better at bringing your heroes to life on paper.

Drawing Captain America: Extra Practice

This method of drawing Captain America starts with outlining the basic structure of Captain America’s head, using simple shapes to define the mask and facial features. Then, it proceeds to add body details, like the torso and limbs, with a focus on proportion to maintain the chibi style.

The shield is drawn using concentric circles, ensuring it’s the correct size in relation to the body. Lastly, the characteristic details of the costume, such as the star and stripes, are added before finalizing with bold outlines and colors, bringing the miniature superhero to life.

captain america step by step drawing tutorial

Fine-Tuning Your Captain America Sketch

Alright, young artists and defenders of creativity! You’ve done an awesome job bringing chibi Captain America to life. But, as with any superhero skill, there’s always more to learn behind the scenes. Let’s go over some technical nuances that can make your artwork truly stand out.

  • Consistent Proportions: Keep checking that his head is big and his body small – it’s the secret recipe for chibi greatness.
  • Line Weight Variation: Use thicker lines for the outside of Captain America and thinner ones inside for details – it makes him pop!
  • Symmetry is Key: His shield is his badge of honor; make sure it’s as round and symmetrical as a full moon.
  • Facial Feature Placement: Get his eyes and mouth just right; they’re the windows to his heroic soul, even in chibi form.
  • Suit Up with Accuracy: Those star and stripe details on his suit? They should be spot on, just like a real superhero’s uniform.

Remember, these little touches are what can take your drawing from good to “Wow, did you really draw that?” So, keep these tips in mind, practice whenever you can, and always enjoy the journey of learning and drawing. You’re not just making art; you’re creating your own superhero world!


Super job on completing your chibi Captain America! Your hero might be ready to take on the world, but there are more worlds to explore in art. On my website, you’ll find lessons to fill your sketchbook with all sorts of wonders, from the shine of a diamond to the might of an elephant.

Make sure to subscribe to my social channels for the latest updates; new drawing challenges await you. Who knows what you’ll be inspired to create next? Keep your pencils ready and your imagination open!

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