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How to Draw a Bear for Kindergarten

Really Simple Bear Drawing Guide for Kindergarten

how to draw a bear for kindergarten
how to draw a bear for kindergarten step-by-step

So let’s continue the theme of drawing wild animals and in this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a brown bear. In fact, you can draw a bear in a variety of ways. Here is the easiest way that any child and novice artist can easily master.

Drawing a bear is extremely simple. The bear is presented here in a cartoon style, so this tutorial will not include complex lines and additional elements. The lesson consists of a few simple steps that you can easily follow. Be careful and follow each step carefully, and then you will have a good result.

So, grab any of your painting supplies, set up a comfortable light, and try drawing this cute bear!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Bear for Kindergarten

  1. Draw the torso.

    Depict an oval, while selecting the shape of the head, as shown in the example.How to Draw a Bear for Kids

  2. Add the ears and muzzle.

    Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw the ears in the form of small semi-ovals.How to Draw a Bear for Kids easy

  3. Draw the legs and tail.

    Draw four legs with smooth lines, add a small tail.How to Draw a Bear

  4. Color the bear.

    Use brown for coloring the coat. Draw the nose and eyes in a different color, add highlights.How-to-Draw-a-Bear-for-Kindergarten

Now you have mastered another lesson and gained new skills that will definitely come in handy in the future. Take enough time to paint and you will notice that the results of your work will be better every time.

After completing this tutorial, I suggest that you come up with a beautiful background for your bear. For example, you can draw a bear in the forest. Add grass, shrubs, and a few deciduous and coniferous trees and around in your drawing. If you wish, you can draw a polar bear at the North Pole. Draw the same bear, just do not paint, leave the bear white. With light blue color, paint the ice floes around the bear, and you have a funny drawing. Feel free to experiment and make interesting new drawings.

Hope my drawing lessons will help you on your creative journey. You can share your impressions in the comments. As usual, I’ve prepared a free PDF for you that contains useful drawing tools. Download the file and improve your skills with the help of my lessons at any time convenient for you.

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