How to Draw a Clock

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In this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a clock. This guide will be simple and useful for you.

So, in this step-by-step drawing lesson, I would like to tell you how to draw a clock. It is a very necessary and useful item that we use on a daily basis. Can you imagine your life without using a clock? I think that in today’s world it would be very difficult, and for many, impossible.

A clock is a device used to measure and indicate time. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and year.

The clock you will draw in this lesson is considered a table clock. It is used to know what time it is, and also to set the alarm for the required time. Now you can start drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Clock

  1. Draw the outline of the main part of the clock.

    To complete this simple step, you should draw just one big to draw a clock step by step

  2. Add the inner outline of the clock.

    Inside the circle you drew earlier, draw another circle with a slightly smaller to draw a clock easy

  3. Draw a shaped element on the left side.

    On top of the clock add two short lines and an arch, the ends of which connect a straight to draw a clock easy for kids

  4. Depict the shaped element on the right.

    Add the same element on the right side as in the previous to draw a clock easy step by step

  5. Outline the clock stand.

    At the bottom of the clock, draw two elements, by using straight lines of different to draw a clock for kids easy

  6. Add a clock button and an element in the center.

    Depict on the clock a circle and a figure that looks like a rectangle without a bottom base.a clock drawing guide

  7. Draw the hands of the clock.

    On the clock, draw two hands pointing in different directions using straight lines.a clock drawing tutorial

  8. Outline the divisions on the dial.

    Around the circle of the dial of the clock add many of the same straight lines.easy way to draw a clock

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color this clock you should use beige and different shades of to draw a clock step by step easy

Great job! I think you tried very hard and are now happy with your drawing. Write in the comments if this lesson was interesting and useful for you. Don’t forget to download the PDF file I prepared for you. This file contains a short version of this drawing guide and additional useful materials. If you download this file, you will be able to use this guide at any time, even without an internet connection. 

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