How to Draw a Table for Kids

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how to draw a table for kids

how to draw a table

Good day my dear young artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a table for kids. Today I decided to choose this topic because you have long asked to draw a table. Indeed, it would seem such a simple subject, and to draw it simply, but there are several important points about which I will tell you today.

Step 1

First, let’s draw an uneven rhombus like this in our example. This will be the surface of the table, as you already guessed.

drawing table for children

Step 2

To make the surface of the table not appear flat as a sheet of paper, draw the edges of the table.

how to draw a table

Step 3

And now from each corner of the table draw a line that will go down.

Step 4

To each line from the previous step draw another line. All new lines should look at the center of the table.

drawing table design

Step 5

Draw the rest of the legs of the table adding remaining lines (as you noticed in this lesson all the lines are straight as in the lesson on how to draw a door).

drawing table

Step 6

Draw the lines that connect the legs. This is not an absolutely obligatory step, but we want our table to look believable.

how to draw a table for kids

Step 7

Tables come in a variety of colors, so grab your favorite color and start painting. We decided to choose the color of the tree, that is brown.

how to draw a table for kids

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How to Draw a Table for Kids

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