How to Draw a Face for Kids

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The step-by-step instruction on how to draw a face for kids is ready. This lesson is quite simple and consists of just nine steps.

This time I have prepared for you an interesting lesson on how to draw a face for kids. The front of the human head is called the face. On the face, there are eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and ears. The face is the feature that best distinguishes a person.

This drawing lesson will be simple and adapted especially for kids. To complete this tutorial, you will first draw the outline of a person’s face, then add facial features, and then draw the hair and color the drawing.

Follow carefully this understandable step-by-step instruction to draw a great drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Face for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the face.

    To complete this simple step, you have to draw just one to draw a face for kids easy

  2. Picture the eyes.

    Above the previously drawn semi-circle add two same ovals to represent the to draw a face for kids easy step by step

  3. Draw the nose.

    Between the two ovals, you drew in the previous step, draw one curved to draw a face for kids

  4. Add the eyebrows.

    Above the two ovals add two figures, using curved lines of different sizes.a face for kids drawing guide

  5. Depict the mouth.

    Below the nose, draw the mouth as a curved line with two short lines at its ends.a face for kids drawing tutorial

  6. Start drawing the outline of the hair.

    Add curved lines on the temples, and an outline of the pointed strands of hair on the to draw a face for kids step by step easy

  7. Complete the outline of the hair.

    Use curved lines to represent the hair at the top of the head.a face for kids drawing lesson

  8. Outline the ears.

    On the right and left sides of the head add two symmetrical ears as incomplete ovals.a face for kids drawing class

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color this face you should use black, brown, and any color you want to color the skin.drawing a face for kids

Great job! I think you drew a great drawing. Leave your comments on this lesson and subscribe to us on social media. Traditionally, I have prepared a short PDF version of this tutorial for your convenience. Download this file to come back to this lesson when you want to draw again. 

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