How to Draw a Gun for Kids

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How to Draw a Gun for Kids

Hello dear readers and welcome to drawing tutorial on how to draw gun for kids! Before this drawing tutorial, I already had a large number of weapons on, but mostly they were swords. So let’s start the lesson!

Step 1

First of all, draw a long rectangle as my our example.

How to Draw a Gun for Kids

Step 2

Under this rectangle draw another one but smaller.

learn How to Draw a Gun for Kids

Step 3

Using straight lines sketch out the grip of our gun.

gun drawing

Step 4

Draw out some details on the grip as shown in my example.

learn to draw a gun for beginners

Step 5

A very simple step in which we will draw rivets on the grip.

How to Draw a Gun easy

Step 6

Draw a sight at the top of the gun and hammer at the rear part.

learn to draw a gun step by step

Step 7

Draw corrugation by using inclined lines as in my example.

How to Draw a Gun for beginners

Step 8

Draw out the trigger guard. It can be round or angular.

How to Draw a Gun for children

Step 9

Another simple step in which we draw the trigger.

How to Draw a Gun for Kids

Step 10

Erase all additional lines making our gun drawing clean.

gun drawing

Step 11

It remains only to paint the gun, you can choose any colors. I decided to choose the standard gray.

How to Draw a Gun for Kids

The drawing lesson is over. Do not forget to share it with your friends and subscribe to on social media. Do not forget that in this lesson I just showed you how to draw a gun using a common example. Using this simple lesson you can draw another gun, or add any improvements to your drawn pistol (for example, a telescopic sight or a silencer).

I also noticed that readers really like shortened versions of my lessons, so here I also decided to add such a scheme, gathering into it all the steps of this drawing guide.

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    I am just using this to talk to people. I did do the tutorial but I just came here for this so 😝😝!

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