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How to Draw a Gun

Learn how to draw a gun with this easy, step-by-step tutorial. Build a handgun design, adding details for cool a and realistic look.

How to Draw a Gun

This gun drawing tutorial provides a structured guide, helping artists learn how to build a complex objects step by step, which develops their understanding of proportions, forms, and perspectives.

Artists are encouraged to add their own modifications to their drawings, such as telescopic sights or silencers, promoting creativity and the development of unique styles. This flexibility empowers artists to explore new ideas and create diverse designs.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Gun

  1. Draw the barrel of the gun.

    Start by sketching a horizontal rectangle to form the barrel. This is the main part of the object’s design and represents its primary structure. Ensure the lines are straight and parallel to give the barrel a balanced appearance. This foundation will set the stage for subsequent details.
    Drawing the basic outlines of the gun

  2. Detail the barrel.

    Enhance the barrel of the gun by drawing a smaller rectangle below the main body, serving as a rail for additional attachments. This detail gives the barrel more depth and suggests its functionality, creating a stronger visual representation of the object.
    Detailing the barrel

  3. Sketch the handle.

    Draw a slanted, elongated rectangle extending downward from the barrel. This forms the handle, angling outward to the side, connecting naturally to the barrel. Ensure the handle’s proportions are balanced, making it look coherent and functional.
    Sketching the handle

  4. Add the grip.

    Beneath the handle, draw another smaller rectangle, indicating the grip. This rectangle completes the handle’s form, enhancing its ergonomic design and contributing to its balance. Ensure that the grip is proportionate to the handle, reinforcing its shape.
    Adding the grip

  5. Indicate the screws.

    Add two small circles on the handle to represent grip screws, contributing to the overall detail of the design. Ensure these screws are evenly spaced and aligned. Although this step is very simple and few details are drawn here, it is precisely such small details that help make the gun drawing more realistic.
    Illustrating the screws

  6. Draw the sight, muzzle and hammer.

    Sketch a small square on top of the barrel to indicate the rear sight. Then, draw a tiny curved line in the right side of the gun, representing the hammer. Finally, extend a short line from the barrel’s front to mark the muzzle, completing the design’s mechanical aspects.
    drawing the sight of the gun

  7. Add the slide.

    Draw a set of parallel diagonal lines at the right side of the barrel’s body to represent the slide. Ensure these lines are evenly spaced and straight. Among other things, this is a great way to learn how to draw straight parallel lines. This is a very important skill for any artist.
    adding the slide of the gun

  8. Create the trigger guard.

    Draw a curved line connecting the barrel to the handle, outlining the trigger guard. This detail, although small, can give your gun drawing a distinctive look. The outline of the trigger guard can be either angular or rounded, depending on the specific model of the gun.
    drawing the trigger guard

  9. Sketch the trigger.

    The trigger is a crucial component of this design, and in this step, you draw it within the trigger guard. Start by sketching a small, curved line that extends downwards from the barrel’s underside into the guard area, then add another one curved line completing the shape of the trigger.
    Creating the trigger of the gun

  10. Refine the drawing.

    This step involves refining and enhancing the overall drawing. Check each part of the object: the barrel, slide, handle, trigger guard, and trigger, making sure they align seamlessly. Add more details where necessary, such as subtle curves, refined lines, or small features like additional screw dots on the handle.
    gun drawing

  11. Color the gun.

    Complete the gun drawing by applying color, starting with the main body of the object. Color the barrel and slide a dark gray or metallic hue to reflect their functional, metal-like appearance. For the handle, use a brown or wooden shade.
    How to Draw a Gun for Kids

The gun drawing lesson is over. I hope you enjoyed following along and found it informative. Remember to share this tutorial with your friends, and consider subscribing to Howtodrawforkids.com on social media for more lessons.

This lesson demonstrated how to draw a gun using a common example, but feel free to adapt the design further. You can use this simple guide as a foundation to create different types of guns or make improvements to your existing drawing. For instance, you might add a telescopic sight for precision aiming, removable flashlight or a silencer for stealth.

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