How to Draw a Refrigerator for Kids

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how to draw a Refrigerator for kids

Welcome to the lesson on how to draw a refrigerator for kids step by step! If you often visit, you may have noticed that I often draw household appliances. For example, not so long ago we were drawing a camera and a microwave.


Step 1

First of all, draw a rectangle with rounded edges stretched to the height.

how to draw a Refrigerator

Step 2

Under the refrigerator, draw a stand in the form of a long and flat rectangle.

how to draw a Refrigerator for beginners

Step 3

At the top of the refrigerator draw two close to each other horizontal lines.

learn to draw a Refrigerator step by step

Step 4

In the upper right corner, draw a logo. In the left part, draw handles for the upper and lower doors of the refrigerator.

learn to draw a Refrigerator

Step 5

The refrigerator is ready, and you can either paint it or leave it in black and white.

Refrigerator drawing

Step 6

In fact refrigerators, like most other types of household appliances come in a variety of colors, so take your favorite colors to start painting. You can also write your own logo name as I did.

how to draw a Refrigerator for kids

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