How to Draw a Rocket for Kids

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How to draw a rocket for kids

Children are very attracted by everything new and interesting, and space is what incredibly attracts children of all ages. In this article you will find everything to learn how to draw a rocket for kids. You will need paper, pencils, paints and eraser.


Step 1

To create the body of the rocket, draw a long and thin oval shape.

How to draw a rocket

Step 2

With the help of simple lines we outline fins at the bottom of the rocket.

How to draw a rocket step by step

Step 3

Now sketch the line in the upper part and the nozzle of the rocket in the lower part.

How to draw a rocket easy

Step 4

With the help of strongly curved lines we outline the flame and smoke that comes from the rocket nozzle.

How to draw a rocket for beginners

Step 5

Here we will use the eraser to remove all unnecessary guidelines from the rocket drawing.

How to draw a rocket for kids

Step 6

Now we paint the rockets in a light blue color, and the upper part in the traditionally red color.

Rocket drawing

This was another one drawing tutorial on, and in it we showed how to draw a rocket for kids. Despite the fact that this lesson is designed for children, adults can also draw such drawings.

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