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How to Draw a Rose Flower

Simple 7 Step Rose Flower Drawing Guide

How to draw a Rose Flower for kids
How to draw a Rose Flower step by step

In the previous tutorials, we showed you how to draw a rose flower. This rose flower drawing tutorial is also about drawing this beautiful flower. In fact, there are many ways to draw a rose, and here is one of them. This lesson will be simple and easy for both the child and the novice artist, and now you will see this.

In this tutorial, you don’t have to make exactly the same lines as in the sample. You can make more arbitrary lines when drawing different parts of the rose. Your task is to memorize the sequence of steps and be accurate, then you will achieve success in drawing a rose.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Rose Flower

  1. Draw the outline of the bud.

    Determine the position and size of the rose and draw the oval.Rose Flower drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the middle of the bud and the outer petals.

    Add two curved lines for the petals and the small spiral in the center of the bud.How to draw a beautiful Rose Flower

  3. Portray the stem.

    Draw the vertical line and add thorns and sepals at the top.How to draw a realistic Rose Flower

  4. Add the leaves.

    Draw two branches on both sides of the stem and add the outline of the leaves.How to draw a Rose Flower quickly

  5. Depict the outer petals.

    Add some smooth, curved lines to the swatch.How to draw a Rose Flower easy

  6. Touch up the drawing.

    Erase the auxiliary lines with an eraser and correct any inaccuracies.How to draw a simple Rose Flower

  7. Color the rose.

    Color the leaves in green, and use several shades of lilac for the bud.How to draw a Rose Flower for kids

Now you have mastered another way to draw a rose flower. We hope this was interesting for you and you have a good time.

You can use the acquired skills in your next drawings. And we want to give some recommendations. Pay close attention to shadows and highlights when painting. Paint the lower parts of the bud and the middle in dark colors, and paint the upper surface of each petal in light shades. Thus, the rose will look more realistic. The more shades are used, the more natural the rose will look. Do not forget that the transition between different shades should be smooth.

A short version of the rose flower drawing tutorial is presented in a PDF file that we have prepared especially for you. Download this file and keep learning drawing lessons at any convenient time. Share the results with your friends. We wish you every success!

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