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How to Draw a Rhinoceros

Ready to sketch one of the jungle’s most impressive animals? I’m here to show you how to draw a rhinoceros with two simple, engaging methods that are perfect for kids. You’ll learn to craft every curve and line of this magnificent creature. So gather your art supplies and let’s create some rhino magic together!

How to Draw a Rhinoceros: Basic Information

When you think about how to draw a rhinoceros, you might imagine it’s too complex for young artists. But I’ve crafted a method that simplifies this mighty beast into easy steps. The rhinoceros in this lesson is not just a majestic animal but also a fun challenge. With rounded shapes and gentle lines, we’ll build it piece by piece.

The key to mastering this drawing is to understand the rhinoceros’s basic shapes. We start with a large oval and a smaller one, layering them to create the body and head. My technique emphasizes breaking down complex figures into manageable parts, making the process accessible for all.

By the end of our time together, you’ll find that to draw a rhinoceros is to journey through art and patience. This lesson is your guide to not just sketch a rhinoceros but to appreciate the art of drawing magnificent creatures. So let’s get those pencils moving, and create something great!

Rhinoceros Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Rhinoceros

  1. Draw the outline of the rhinoceros’ head.

    Using curved lines, draw a shape that looks like a slightly curved oval.how to draw a rhinoceros step by step

  2. Add the torso.

    Draw a curved line that continues the outline of the rhinoceros’ head.how to draw a rhinoceros easy

  3. Add facial features.

    Draw a circle-shaped eye, two horns, and a curved mouth on the rhinoceros’ head.how to draw a rhinoceros easy for kids

  4. Outline the ears.

    Draw the rhinoceros’ ears pointed upwards. Picture them turned in different directions.how to draw a rhinoceros easy step by step

  5. Draw the rhinoceros’ legs.

    Depict the two legs as being the same. They should be placed in the foreground.how to draw a rhinoceros for kids easy

  6. Draw two more rhinoceros’ legs and add toes.

    Draw two identical legs in the background and add toes on each leg, using rounded lines.a rhinoceros drawing guide

  7. Draw a rhinoceros’s tail.

    Outline it not too long with a pointed tassel on the end.a rhinoceros drawing tutorial

  8. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Take an eraser and remove all unnecessary lines from your drawing.easy way ro draw a rhinoceros

  9. Color the drawing.

    To colour the rhinoceros, use shades of grey, pink, and black. Add highlights on the eyes.how to draw a rhinoceros step by step easy

Additional Content

Alongside our interactive drawing lesson, I’ve put together a free, downloadable PDF that neatly packages the essential steps to draw a rhinoceros. This brief version is perfect for quick access and is designed to be user-friendly for children, allowing for artistic exploration without the need for a constant internet connection.

You can take this PDF with you on car rides, to the park, or just enjoy it at home. It serves as a convenient, offline tool to help young artists continue to develop their skills and enjoy the art-making process wherever they are.

Alternative Drawing Technique

I believe in giving you as many opportunities as possible to grow your artistic talents, which is why I’ve introduced an extra drawing technique for the rhinoceros. This alternative method is designed to challenge you a bit more, helping you to refine your skills and gain confidence.

With this new technique in your art toolkit, you’ll have more ways to practice drawing and expressing your creativity, ensuring that your artistic journey is as rewarding and enjoyable as it can be.

How to Draw a Rhinoceros for Kindergarten

This alternative method for drawing a rhinoceros is super simple and specifically designed with kindergarteners in mind. But it’s also a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to begin with the basics.

With easy shapes and clear steps, this method makes drawing accessible and enjoyable for young children and beginners alike. It’s an excellent way for anyone to build confidence in their artistic skills from the ground up.

how to draw an easy rhino step by step

Tips to Draw an Amazing African Landscape

You’ve already made such a cool rhino that I can almost hear it snorting! Now, let’s talk about giving your rhino its very own world to stomp around in.

  • Grassy Grounds: Start by sketching some lines beneath your rhino’s feet to give it some grass to munch on.
  • Sunny Sky: How about a bright sun in the corner of your paper? It’ll make your rhino’s day nice and warm.
  • Muddy Puddles: Rhinos love mud, so why not draw a squiggly puddle for it to splash in?
  • Leafy Trees: Add a few trees with big leaves for some shade. It’s like an umbrella for your rhino!
  • Bird Buddies: Maybe draw a feathered friend or two perched on your rhino or up in the trees.

Now that you’ve got these ideas, your rhino will never be lonely, and your picture will tell a whole story! Every time you add something new to your drawing, you’re making your art world bigger and more exciting.


As we put the finishing touches on our rhino masterpiece, I can’t help but feel proud of the artistic strides we’ve made together. But don’t let your creativity stop here! There’s a whole jungle of drawing lessons waiting on my website, from sneaky rats to cool robots and everything in between. Each one is a new adventure!

And for the inside scoop on when new lessons drop, hop on over and follow my social media accounts. There, you’ll get all the latest news, tips, and tricks to keep your art game on point. Keep those creative gears turning, and let’s meet again for our next drawing adventure!

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