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How to Draw a Seahorse

This drawing lesson is about how to draw a seahorse. I’m sure you will find this lesson useful and it will help you to develop your drawing skills.

In this drawing tutorial, I would like to tell you and show you how to draw a seahorse step by step. I think you’ll have a great time doing this drawing guide.

Have you ever seen a seahorse? Seahorses are fish. They live in water, breathe through gills, and have a swim bladder. However, they do not have caudal fins and have a long snake-like tail. They also have a neck and a snout that points down. You may have ever seen seahorses in cartoons, in aquariums, or in the ocean.

Let’s start drawing a seahorse step by step!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Seahorse

  1. Draw the outline of the seahorse’s head and torso.

    Depict it as a circle and a shape similar to a curved oval. Position one figure below the other.how to draw a seahorse step by step

  2. Outline the front of the head and the neck.

    Drow the front of the head as elongated. Connect the outlines of the head and torso on the sides.how to draw a seahorse easy

  3. Add facial features.

    Draw the seahorse’s eye as a circle and the mouth as a short curved line.how to draw a seahorse easy for kids

  4. Draw one side of the seahorse’s tail.

    Continue the outline of the torso with the curved line, it will be the back of the seahorse’s tail.how to draw a seahorse easy step by step

  5. Add the rest of the tail.

    Continue the tail line you drew earlier. Draw the rest as a spiral and a straight line.how to draw a seahorse for kids easy

  6. Draw the seahorse’s fin.

    Depict it on the side of the seahorse’s torso. Use straight and rounded lines.a seahorse drawing guide

  7.  Picture the scales on the seahorse’s back.

    Draw them along the back of the fish, using short rounded lines.a seahorse drawing tutorial

  8. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Take an eraser and remove all unnecessary lines from the seahorse’s body.easy way ro draw a seahorse

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use shades of blue to colour the seahorse’s body. Color its eye black, adding highlights.how to draw a seahorse step by step easy

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