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How to Draw Thanos

In the cosmos of comic book villains, few stand as tall as Thanos, and it’s my pleasure to show you how to draw Thanos, the chibi version that is! This guide I’ve put together is crafted to demystify the process of sketching the infamous Titan in a way that’s easy and fun, preserving his formidable presence even in a diminutive form.

how to draw thanos
how to draw thanos step by step

How to Draw Thanos: Basic Information

In this drawing quest, we confront not a hero, but the titan himself – Thanos. I’ve crafted a lesson on how to draw Thanos, distilling his formidable essence into a friendly chibi form. This tutorial aims to transform complexity into simplicity, allowing even beginners to render Thanos’s might with ease.

Our approach in this tutorial balances the infamous features of Thanos – the stoic chin and piercing gaze – with the charm of chibi styling. Each stage of the drawing focuses on translating his notorious armor and the Infinity Gauntlet into their cutest counterparts, while retaining the character’s commanding presence.

Completing this guide to draw Thanos, you’ll not only have a mini Mad Titan on your page but also the confidence to tackle any character in chibi style. Remember, the power of drawing lies not in the Infinity Stones, but in the persistence and passion of your pencil strokes.

Thanos Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Thanos

  1. Outline of the head and body.

    Start by drawing two overlapping shapes: a large circle for the head and a smaller oval shape beneath it for the body. The circle should be positioned above and slightly larger than the oval.outline of the head and body

  2. Add the arms.

    With the head and body in place, it’s time to add the limbs. Sketch two curved lines on either side of the body for the arms, ensuring they are proportionate to the bodyAdd the arms

  3. Draw the legs.

    Sketch two elongated ovals at the bottom of the body shape for the legs. These lines should be drawn with a gentle touch, keeping in mind the final pose of the character.Draw the legs

  4. Draw Facial Features.

    In this step, focus on the face by adding two small ovals for the eyes, a line for the mouth, and another for the brow. Place these elements with care to capture the character’s intense and stern expression.draw Facial Features

  5. Sketch the ears.

    Add further details to the face by sketching the ears and wrinkles. The ears should align with the eyes. These details enhance the character’s expression, giving depth to the facial features.Sketch the ears

  6. Add the armor.

    Begin with a simple shape to define the armor’s chest piece and add smaller details to represent the intricate design. Be mindful of the perspective, ensuring that the armor follows the form of the body.add the armor

  7. Detail Thanos’ suit.

    Develop the costume further by adding lines to indicate the armor’s lower sections and the belt. These lines should be drawn with precision to reflect the armor’s mechanical nature.detail Thanos' suit

  8. Delete extra-lines.

    Carefully erase any extraneous lines that were part of your initial sketches but are no longer needed. This step is about refinement, ensuring that only the lines that contribute to the final image remain.erase extra-lines

  9. Color the drawing.

    Finally, apply color to your drawing, starting with a purple shade for the skin. Add the gold, blue, and black of his armor, taking care to shade and highlight.how to draw thanos

How to Draw Thanos: Video Tutorial

Additional Content

To complement your learning experience from our drawing session, I’ve created a supplementary PDF file filled with material to enhance your drawing skills after you’ve mastered the basics of portraying Thanos. It’s a special bonus, completely free and designed for offline use, so you can keep practicing wherever you may be.

This PDF isn’t a step-by-step guide but an expansion pack for your artistic toolkit. Inside, you’ll find exercises and challenges that encourage you to push the boundaries of what you’ve learned, adding depth and muscle to your artistic prowess, much like the might of Thanos himself.

I encourage you to download this resource and use it as a stepping stone to greater achievements in your artistic journey. It’s tailored to help you grow, ensuring that each line you draw contributes to a stronger, more confident artistic style. Let the power of Thanos inspire your hand and imagination to new creations.

Fine-Tuning Your Chibi Thanos Sketch

As we conclude our lesson on rendering the mighty Thanos in an adorable chibi form, I’d like to leave you with some carefully curated tips and tricks. Employ these strategies to elevate your Thanos from a simple sketch to a character that almost jumps off the page.

  • Mastery of Proportions: For Thanos, getting the head-to-body ratio right is crucial in chibi art. His head should be oversized to emphasize his formidable presence, even when scaled down.
  • The Gauntlet’s Glow: When drawing the Infinity Gauntlet, use lighter shades around the stones to give them a glowing effect, signifying their immense power.
  • Expression is Everything: Thanos’ grim demeanor is a key part of his identity. Practice various facial expressions to capture his commanding presence.
  • Contrast in Colors: Utilize contrasting colors to make his armor stand out. Deep purples and vibrant golds can make your drawing more visually striking.
  • Details in Simplicity: Simplify the intricate designs of his armor into basic shapes and patterns that suggest complexity without overwhelming the chibi style.
  • Posture of Power: Even in chibi form, Thanos’ stance should exude confidence and strength. Practice drawing broad shoulders and a firm stance.
  • The Power of Shadows: Use shadowing techniques to add depth and volume, particularly under the chin and around the gauntlet, to convey a three-dimensional look.

Remember, the heart of chibi art lies in the ability to tell a big story through small but powerful details. With these in your artistic arsenal, your path from novice to maestro is assured – a journey not unlike Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones.

Infusing Your Thanos Art with Cosmic Depth

The true essence of artistry extends beyond the character to the world they inhabit and the adversaries they confront. Let’s expand our canvas and consider how to enrich our chibi Thanos by drawing the vast environments and legendary characters that share his narrative.

  • Cosmic Skies: Illustrate the swirling nebulas and starfields of outer space behind Thanos, setting him against the grandeur of the cosmos he seeks to control.
  • The Avengers: Around Thanos, sketch mini versions of his noble foes – Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, or Iron Man’s armor, each adding context to his tale.
  • Battle Scenes: Compose a dynamic scene where chibi Thanos is engaged in battle with the Avengers, capturing the motion and emotion of an epic confrontation.
  • Gauntlet’s Power: Experiment with depicting the energy emanating from the Infinity Gauntlet, using swirls of color and light to signify its momentous power.

These final tips are your Infinity Stones – wield them wisely to harness the full potential of your creative powers. As Thanos himself would attest, with great power comes great opportunity – the opportunity to create worlds that are as boundless and captivating as your imagination allows.


With the final stroke of your pencil, Thanos emerges not just as a chibi character on your page, but as a testament to your growing skill. I encourage you to continue your quest for artistic growth by diving into the vast array of tutorials on my site, from the undulating grace of sea creatures to the soaring ambition of rockets.

Join our community on social media to stay updated with the latest tutorials that will enrich your artistic journey. Your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable; leave a comment on this lesson to steer the direction of our future artistic explorations. Together, we’ll turn blank pages into universes where your creativity can truly flourish.

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