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How to Draw a Sea Serpent

Now you will learn how to draw a sea serpent. This lesson will be very simple, and at the same time exciting.

cartoon sea serpent drawing
how to draw a sea serpent step by step

With the help of a simple instruction, you will learn how to draw a sea serpent step by step. Many inhabitants live in sea waters, including various snakes. But in this lesson you will not draw a realistic animal, but a fantastic creature that is mentioned in the myths of different peoples of the world.

It is believed that the sea serpent is large, there are large spikes on its back, and there are fins on the sides of the body. The body of the snake is covered with scales, jets of steam can come out of the nostrils. This is a real sea monster, which terrified with its formidable appearance. However, in this drawing, the sea serpent is presented in a cartoon form and does not look scary, but very cute and funny.

With a simple instruction, you can easily draw all the elements of this creature and get a good result. So, take all the necessary art supplies and start the lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Sea Serpent

  1. Draw the head.

    With smooth lines depict the head, which has an elongated shape and a convex front.art hub how to draw a sea serpent

  2. Depict the torso.

    Use smooth wavy lines and draw the elongated torso, the end of which is raised up.how to draw a realistic sea serpent

  3. Add the elements of the muzzle.

    Sketch out the oval eye and add the small nostril.how to draw a sea monster art hub

  4. Draw the crest on the head.

    Depict a ridge with a wavy line, which consists of several protruding elements of different sizes.how to draw a cute sea monster

  5. Depict the spikes.

    On the neck and on the back, successively add spikes that have a triangular shape.sea serpent drawing lesson

  6. Add the tail and detail the crest.

    Draw the pointed tail and draw connecting lines between the elements of the crest.sea serpent drawing tutorial

  7. Depict the fin and detail the surface of the body.

    Draw the fin on the side of the body and draw short strokes to indicate the scales on the body.sea serpent drawing guide

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to remove all extra lines.simple sea serpent drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    You will need beige and light green.cartoon sea serpent drawing

I also want to remind you that you can download a short version of the lesson in PDF format. Save the file and enjoy drawing at any convenient time.

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