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How to Draw a Shark

Learn How to Draw a Shark Step-by-Step

How to Draw a Shark
How to draw a shark step by step

There are many different sharks in the world, and using this lesson on how to draw a shark you can draw any kind (except for unusual ones, such as a hammerhead shark).

Earlier I showed you how to draw a fish. And in fact, the process of drawing a shark and a fish is very similar. When you start this lesson, you will be able to verify this.

At the very end, you can try to improve your shark drawing by adding some additional elements. For example, you can paint the background light blue and depict different fish around the shark, making it look like the shark is in the water.

If you are ready to start, then scroll down the page and start sketching!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Shark

  1. Sketch out the body of the shark.

    Draw this part of the shark’s body in the form of an elongated oval with pointed corners.
    Shark drawing guide

  2. Draw the fins of the shark.

    Use elongated triangular geometric shapes to outline the dorsal and pectoral fins.
    Learn how to sketch Shark for beginners

  3. Draw the tail fin.

    You can make the top and bottom of the fin the same, or make the top larger than the bottom.
    how to draw a Shark for kids

  4. Add some details.

    Draw the eye as a dot, the mouth as a curved line, and the fins as three curved lines.
    Shark drawing lesson

  5. Erase the guidelines.

    Try not to touch the important lines of the sketch. After that, you can darken the lines of the drawing.
    Shark drawing tutorial

  6. Color the shark drawing.

    You can use blue-gray colors like in my example, or choose any other color palette.
    How to Draw a Shark

So this was a shark drawing lesson and I hope you enjoyed it. If so, write about it in the comments. Also, do not forget to download the PDF version of the tutorial, which includes the steps for this tutorial, as well as some useful additional content.

How to Draw a Shark for Kindergarten

Despite the predation and danger of sharks, they often become heroes of children’s cartoons. With the help of this lesson, you will draw a shark step by step without any problems.

how to draw a shark step by step

How to Draw a Shark Step by Step

I think you have seen the shark as a cartoon character. This character is usually an angry one. With the help of this drawing lesson, you will be able to improve your drawing skills, so I suggest you get started drawing the shark.


How to Draw a Realistic Shark

If you are itching to start this useful drawing lesson, then you can now prepare the art materials that you will need to draw a realistic shark, and then start drawing and enjoy the creative process. I wish you a great result of your work!

how to draw a realistic shark step by step

How to Draw an Easy Shark Step by Step

This is another option for drawing our sea predator. We used a cartoon style, but we tried to depict all the basic features of the shark’s appearance.

how to draw an easy shark step by step

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