How to Draw an Umbrella

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In this drawing guide, I will tell you how to draw an umbrella. Here I deliberately reduced the number of steps and created a simpler circuit.

The umbrella is a great invention that keeps us from getting wet in the rain. The first rains in history were invented in ancient Egypt. Some historians today claim that umbrellas appeared in China a little earlier. Nevertheless, it is reliably known that the first umbrellas were intended to protect from the sun.

The first umbrellas were huge. Only very wealthy and influential people could afford to own an umbrella. Fortunately, today there are umbrellas in every home and everyone has the opportunity to walk in the rain and not get wet.

For many fashion lovers, an umbrella is more than protection from wet weather. An umbrella can be a stylish accessory and part of the image. That is why I only give an approximate drawing diagram of an umbrella. You can change any stage and create your own unique design.

So let’s try to draw this lovely umbrella with a 6 step drawing tutorial.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw an Umbrella

  1. Draw the top of the umbrella.

    First draw a shape that looks like a dome. Place this at the top of a piece of to draw an umbrella

  2. Add vertical lines.

    Draw long, longitudinal folds of the fabric that appear as vertical lines with a gentle to draw an umbrella easy

  3. Depict a rod.

    Try to draw a straight rod that is formed by two parallel vertical to draw an umbrella easy step by step

  4. Add a handle.

    Choose any shape for the handle of your choice. I decided to use a classic shape with a gentle curve.umbrella drawing easy

  5. Erase the guidelines.

    Delete all unnecessary guide lines to give your umbrella a complete look.umbrella drawing guide for kids

  6. Color the umbrella.

    Use any color combination according to your

Did you enjoy this drawing guide? If so, do not forget to download the PDF version of this tutorial with some additional materials, such as coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid drawing worksheet.

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