How to Draw a Teddy Bear Easy for Kids

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How to draw a Teddy Bear easy for kids

how to draw a teddy bear

In this super simple instruction, I’ll show you how to draw a teddy bear for kids.

Teddy bears appeared a long time ago, but they got their name only at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, a huge number of a wide variety of teddy bears from a variety of companies have been created in the world. These cute toy bears managed to appear in cartoons, games, and even films.

As already mentioned, teddy bears were produced by a large number of different companies, which means they have a different appearance. But in general, the main features are the same. The most basic differences are in color or detail. Now I want to show you how to draw the most recognizable version of a teddy bear.

In this article, I tried to create the most simple version of drawing a teddy bear. I’ve divided the entire article into eight super easy stages, and I hope that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a teddy.

Step 1

Draw a round head first. It is not necessary to give this head a perfectly round shape.

How to draw a Teddy Bear easy

Step 2

Now depict a torso of the teddy bear below the head. It looks like a pear.

How to draw a Teddy Bear for kids

Step 3

At the top, depict the ears in the form of semicircles. Next, depict the legs as ovals and the arms.

How to draw a Teddy Bear for beginners

Step 4

Depict a large nose and small eyes with three ovals. Sketch an oval mouth below.

How to draw a Teddy Bear step by step

Step 5

Draw eyebrows and a vertical stripe with stitches above the eyes.

How to draw a Teddy Bear easy for kids

Step 6

Now depict stitches in the middle of the belly on the feet.

How to sketch a Teddy Bear

Step 7

Now get rid of all construction lines and make the teddy bear drawing darker.

Teddy Bear drawing tutorial

Step 8

Color the teddy bear brown, the nose and eyes black and the circles on the ears and feet a darker brown.

How to draw a Teddy Bear for kids easy

It was a super easy drawing instruction on how to draw a teddy bear for kids. You can try drawing the teddy bear again and paint it in some other color, for example, light blue or beige.

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