How to Draw a Volcano

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If you do not know how to draw a volcano, then this lesson is just for you. I will teach you how to draw a volcano in a couple of easy steps.

How to draw a hot Volcano
How to draw a Volacno

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a volcano that is spewing out very hot lava.

But first, what is a volcano? This is a formation in the earth that allows our planet to release many gases from itself at certain times. Just imagine what will happen if all volcanoes disappear. Probably our planet will simply explode from an overabundance of gas. Of course, they are very dangerous up close and make a strong impression.

It is for this reason that it is better to stay away from volcanoes, especially active ones, and admire them strongly at a distance. For example, on TV or in a picture. If the second option is closer to you, let’s start drawing as soon as possible. Perhaps you would like to print or save our volcano drawing tutorial? It is available for download and print below, in PDF format.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 16 minutes

How to Draw a Volcano

  1. Draw the trapezoid.

    At the very beginning, draw the trapezoid with an uneven bottom.How to draw a Volcano easy

  2. Add lava.

    Draw lava at the top of the volcano with uneven lines and flows.How to draw a cartoon Volcano

  3. Depict the cloud.

    Add the fluffy cloud above the volcano. Draw with soft lines.How to draw a simple Volcano

  4. Connect the cloud and the volcano.

    With such simple lines, we connect the volcano and the cloud, imitating lava.How to draw a Volcano for kids

  5. Portray the stones.

    Draw small stones and their trajectory as they fall.Volcano drawing tutorial

  6. Color the volcano.

    Remember what colors are in the volcano – red, yellow, orange, as well as gray, brown.How to draw a hot Volcano

Look at what the bright and dangerous volcano we have made! It is not at all difficult to draw it, and even a brightly colored one looks completely realistic. That and look, you can hear quite a real rumble. For those who want to draw from our volcano drawing tutorial anywhere, you can download the PDF file, which is snugly located at the very bottom of the lesson.

A few interesting facts about the volcano: the very cloud that we drew is also dangerous, it blocks the sun and it becomes very dark at the eruption site.

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