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How to Draw a Zebra

Let’s learn how to draw a zebra with this simple step-by-step tutorial! Start with basic shapes, add details like stripes, and finish with coloring.

How to draw a zebra
how to draw a zebra step by step

This tutorial on how to draw a zebra has eight easy steps. Each step consists of really simple lines and details, and I am sure that any child can cope and draw this beautiful animal without any difficulties.

Zebra is very similar in appearance to horses and donkeys. This means that having mastered the ability to draw a zebra, a young artist will be able to draw horses, donkeys, and other externally similar animals.

In addition, this lesson teaches the young artist the proportions of ungulates. When drawing a zebra, you need to try to achieve the most correct proportions.

So let’s get started!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Zebra

  1. Draw the head and torso of the zebra.

    Begin your zebra drawing by sketching two interconnected shapes. The larger shape at the bottom will form the torso, while the smaller shape above it, slightly tilted and more rounded, will serve as the head. Make sure these shapes overlap slightly to create a body outline.
    Drawing the head and torso of the zebra

  2. Draw the facial details of the zebra.

    In this step, add a small circle for the zebra’s eye near the top of the head. You can add a smaller circle inside it for the pupil. Just below the eye, draw a curved line for the mouth. Next, draw another curved line dividing the front of the zebra’s face from the rest of the head.
    Drawing the facial details of the zebra

  3. Draw the ears and neck.

    Draw two pointed ears at the top of the head, making sure they are proportionate to the size of the head. Then, sketch a curved line from the bottom of the head to the body, creating the neck. This step integrates the head with the body and starts to flesh out the upper part of the zebra.
    Drawing the ears and neck

  4. Illustrate the mane and tail

    On the zebra’s head, draw a series of short, jagged lines to represent the mane running along the neck’s back. At the rear of the torso, draw a fluffy tail with a tuft at the end. These features add more detail and texture to the zebra drawing.
    Illustrating the mane and tail

  5. Sketch the front legs

    Proceed to outline the front legs using two sets of parallel lines for each leg. The lines should taper towards the hooves, indicating slender yet strong legs. The positioning of the legs under the body should suggest a robust structure capable of supporting the zebra’s body.
    Sketching the front legs

  6. Add the hind legs.

    For the hind legs, employ a similar technique used for the front legs but make the hind legs slightly more muscular and bent, suggesting power and the ability to leap or sprint. At the bottom of the zebra’s legs draw the hooves using two short horizontal curved lines.
    Adding the hind legs

  7. Add the zebra stripes

    One of the most distinctive features of a zebra is its stripes. Draw wavy lines across the neck and torso to simulate the iconic striping pattern. Place these stripes thoughtfully, considering the natural contours of the body to maintain a balanced and aesthetically pleasing pattern.
    Adding the zebra stripes

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    With the zebra now fully shaped, it’s time to clean up your drawing. Carefully erase all the initial sketches and guidelines that helped you shape the zebra. Make the lines smoother if necessary to sell them on the final look.
    Finished zebra drawing

  9. Color tour zebra.

    Finally, bring your zebra drawing to life with color. Traditionally, zebras are black and white, but you can use various shades of gray to add depth and dimension to the black stripes and areas where shadows might fall. You can add subtle shading to give the zebra a more three-dimensional and realistic appearance.
    How to draw a zebra

The zebra drawing lesson is over. To be able to depict this beautiful animal without the Internet, use this free PDF worksheet, which contains all the steps of this tutorial and some really interesting additions.

How to Draw a Zebra Easy

This tutorial is an excellent supplementary guide to the first, streamlining the zebra drawing process into fewer, clearer steps that focus on the overall shape and distinctive features. Begin with a simple curve for the nose and extend this into a flowing line for the head and back.

Next, add the neck and underbelly lines to complete the body’s shape. Detail the legs to establish stance and stability. Enhance the head with facial features and ears, then sketch the mane and tail. Apply distinctive zebra stripes and finalize with solid coloring to highlight the characteristic patterns.

This approach helps refine technique and emphasizes essential elements for drawing a zebra.

how to draw a zebra easy step by step

How to Draw a Zebra Step by Step

This tutorial complements the first by further simplifying the steps to draw a zebra, ideal for younger children or beginners.

Start by drawing a basic curve for the snout, and then outline the head and body as one continuous shape. Add a second curve to define the rear and underbelly. Next, sketch the legs, beginning with the hind legs and then the front legs to give it a standing posture.

Draw facial features: an eye and nostrils. Add the mane, tail, and then distinctive zebra stripes. Finally, refine the drawing by erasing extra lines and add solid colors, focusing on black and white for the stripes.

How to draw a zebra step by step

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