How to Draw an Easy Reindeer

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I invite you to a new, interesting lesson in which you will learn how to draw an easy reindeer. The instructions will be very simple.

how to draw a cartoon reindeer
how to draw an easy reindeer step by step

I propose to continue the topic of drawing large animals, and now you will learn how to draw an easy reindeer. This animal lives in the northern parts of Eurasia and America.

The reindeer has an elongated body, a long neck, and relatively short legs. The horns are very large, have a main trunk and several processes. In general, reindeer are less slender and graceful than other types of deer.

In this lesson, you will draw a reindeer in motion. The reindeer raised its head high and bent its legs as it jumped. Try to correctly depict this position of the body. Follow each drawing step in sequence and use small hints to achieve the best results.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Reindeer

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Depict two oval shapes, which are located at some distance from each to draw an easy reindeer cartoon

  2. Depict the neck and tail.

    Draw two smooth connecting lines between the head and torso. Add the short to draw a simple reindeer

  3. Add elements of the face.

    Use a curved line to define the front of the face. Add the eye, big nose and to draw a reindeer art hub

  4. Sketch out the ears.

    On the other side of the head draw two ears which are pointed in to draw a reindeer realistic

  5. Depict the front paws.

    Use smooth, rounded lines to depict the two front paws. Add hooves at the to draw a cute reindeer art hub

  6. Draw the hind paws.

    Using smooth lines, add two hind legs of approximately the same shape as the front to draw a reindeer cartoon

  7. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to carefully remove all unnecessary lines in your to draw a cute reindeer

  8. Color the easy reindeer.

    Choose from beige, brown, red and black. Add highlights to the to draw a cartoon reindeer

If you want the lesson to be available to you at any time, then download the PDF file, which contains a brief instruction and other useful materials.

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