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How to Draw Female Eyes

Unlocking the secrets to drawing expressive female eyes is the heart of this lesson, where I guide you on how to draw female eyes with simplicity and elegance. The key to this process is starting with the basic structure, using guidelines to ensure symmetry and proportion, which are the foundation of any great eye drawing.

how to draw female eyes and color
how to draw female eyes step by step

How to Draw Female Eyes: Basic Information

The eyes are often said to be the windows to the soul, and learning how to draw female eyes is a fundamental skill for any portrait artist. My method on how to draw female eyes simplifies the process into easy-to-follow stages, ensuring you can recreate the gentle contours and subtle expressions that characterize the female gaze.

Drawing female eyes requires a delicate balance. You’ll learn to gauge the distance between the eyes – typically, eyes are one eye-width apart. The curvature of the upper and lower eyelids should mirror each other, cradling the iris in a soft embrace. Mastering these proportional relationships is crucial to creating eyes that are lifelike and expressive.

As we progress to draw female eyes, we add layers of detail, such as the lashes and the play of light on the iris, which give the eyes their captivating allure. My aim is to arm you with not just a method, but also an understanding of the delicate balance between detail and realism that makes a pair of eyes truly stand out.

Female Eyes Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Female Eyes

  1. Add a few auxiliary lines.

    Draw two horizontal and one vertical lines.how to draw female eyes anime

  2. Depict the outer outline of the female eyes.

    Draw two eyes of the same shape as in the example. Observe symmetry.how to draw female eyes anime

  3. Draw the outline of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid.

    Sketch out smooth, curved lines across the top of each eye.how to draw female eyes cartoon

  4. Add the iris and pupil.

    In the center of each eye, draw two circles of different sizes.how to draw female eyes tutorial

  5. Depict the contours of the lower eyelid.

    To do this, you need to draw smooth thin lines.how to draw female comic eyes

  6. Sketch out eyebrows.

    Depict the eyebrows in the same shape as in the example.how to draw realistic female eyes for beginners

  7. Draw the bridge of the nose.

    Depict two thin smooth lines between the female eyes.how to draw female eyes sketch

  8. Remove the guidelines.

    Carefully erase all extra lines.how to draw female anime eyes step by step for beginners

  9. Color the female eyes.

    Choose any colors for your drawing.how to draw female eyes and color

Additional Content

I’ve created a free PDF file to accompany this drawing lesson, making it easier for you to practice how to draw female eyes at any time. This compact version of the tutorial is downloadable and perfect for offline use, ensuring you can continue to hone your skills wherever you may be, without the need for an internet connection.

Encapsulating the key points of the lesson, the PDF serves as a quick reference to help you master the proportions and subtle details of female eyes. It’s a handy tool for reinforcing what you’ve learned and for practicing the delicate art of eye drawing until you’re confident with your technique.

Offering this resource for free is part of my dedication to spreading the joy of drawing. It’s a valuable addition to your artistic library, providing a straightforward guide you can turn to time and again to perfect your depiction of female eyes. Download it today and keep your passion for drawing vibrant.

Alternative Drawing Technique

To complement the main session, I’ve fashioned an alternate drawing technique for female eyes, aiming to further polish your artistic talents. This additional method places emphasis on varying expressions and the play of light within the iris, setting a new challenge that stretches your abilities and understanding of eye anatomy.

Incorporating this alternate approach into your study routine will not only sharpen your eye for detail but also cultivate an adaptability in your style. Engaging with this method enriches your portfolio, as mastering the art of the eyes is a cornerstone of portrait drawing.

How to Draw Female Eyes with Long Eyelashes

This drawing method for female eyes with long lashes focuses on accentuating the eyelashes to create a dramatic and feminine look. Starting with a basic line for the eyelid, we carefully draw individual lashes with a slight upward curve. It’s essential to vary the length and spacing to mimic the natural variation found in real eyelashes.

The second step involves adding volume to the lashes. By thickening the base and tapering off to a fine tip, each lash gains dimension. The upper lashes are denser and longer, fanning outwards to give the eyes a wide, open appearance. Remember, the way lashes curl can add to the eye’s expressiveness, so we give them a gentle sweep.

In the final touches, we layer additional lashes to create fullness, ensuring they look lush. This method isn’t just about drawing lashes; it’s about understanding their role in framing the eyes and bringing character to the face. With practice, your hand will grow steady, capturing the elegance of long female lashes with confidence.

how to draw girl eyes step by step

Female Eyes Drawing Techniques

Drawing the human eye, particularly female eyes, is a subtle art that combines technical skill with a touch of grace. As we wrap up this tutorial, I want to share some tips and tricks that will help refine your drawings, making the eyes not only accurate but also soulfully expressive.

  • Even Spacing: Ensure the space between the eyes is equal to the width of one eye.
  • Symmetry is Key: Use horizontal and vertical lines to keep the eyes level and symmetrical.
  • Eyelash Curl: When drawing lashes, add a slight curl to create a natural, fluttery look.
  • Highlight the Highlights: Leave small areas within the pupil and iris untouched to represent the reflection and bring the eye to life.
  • Thin to Thick: Eyeliner and lashes should start thin in the inner corner and gradually thicken towards the outer edge.
  • Soft Eyebrows: Keep the eyebrows soft and natural; harsh lines can overshadow the eyes.

Each eye you draw is a new opportunity to convey emotion and beauty, and with these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be well-equipped to do just that. Remember, the true magic lies in the details – the light in the iris, the curve of the lashes, the softness of the brows.


As we put the finishing touches on our female eyes, I encourage you to continue exploring the myriad of lessons on my website, each designed to broaden your artistic horizons. Whether you’re keen to capture the fierce intensity of a hawk or the whimsical charm of an elf on the shelf, there’s a tutorial ready to guide your pencil.

Stay connected with my social media profiles to catch the latest updates and never miss a new lesson. I invite your comments and suggestions below; your input is invaluable and could shape the next tutorial. Let’s keep our creative community vibrant and our collective palette diverse.

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