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How to Draw Frankenstein’s Monster

Discover a fun, engaging way to learn how to draw Frankenstein’s monster with my easy-to-follow guide. This tutorial simplifies the classic horror figure into a charming chibi character, blending iconic elements with a touch of whimsy. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to add a creative twist to their art collection.

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how to draw frankenstein's monster step by step

How to Draw Frankenstein’s Monster: Basic Information

Welcome to our whimsical art adventure where I’ll show you how to draw Frankenstein’s monster in a playful, chibi style. This guide was carefully crafted to help artists of all ages bring this iconic figure to life with a cute twist. With each stroke, we’ll transform simple shapes into a friendly version of the classic monster.

As we progress through the drawing lesson, note the unique aspects of our chibi Frankenstein: the oversized head, the small but endearing body, and the signature bolts. These elements are simplified for ease and fun, ensuring that anyone can follow along and enjoy the process.

In the final stages of this artistic endeavor, you’ll have the skills to draw Frankenstein’s monster with a touch of whimsy and a lot of heart. This method encourages you to find joy in the act of creation, transforming a fearful creature into a lovable character. Let your imagination run wild and infuse your drawing with personality!

Frankenstein’s Monster Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Draw the head.

    The lower part of the head is rounded, the upper part is flat.how to draw frankenstein's monster easy full body

  2. Add facial features.

    Sketch out the eyes, nose, and mouth.how to draw frankenstein's monster easy cartoon

  3. Depict the hair and ears.

    Draw a zigzag line at the top of the head. On the sides, add the rounded ears.how to draw frankenstein's monster drawing easy

  4. Add the seam and metal elements.

    Draw a long line on the forehead and add short cross strokes. Draw the metal staples.how to draw frankenstein's monster easy

  5. Sketch out the torso and legs.

    Below the head, add the torso and legs, which are one object.frankenstein's monster easy drawing tutorial

  6. Draw the arms.

    With smooth lines, depict the arms that fit snugly against the torso.frankenstein's monster easy drawing lesson

  7. Depict the jacket.

    Use a few straight lines to draw the jacket.frankenstein's monster easy drawing guide

  8. Add the collar and shoes.

    With the help of broken lines, draw a collar and add shoes on the legs.simple frankenstein's monster easy drawing for kids

  9. Color the Frankenstein’s monster.

    Color the skin with a gray-green color, choose any shades for clothes.frankenstein's monster drawing easily1

Additional Content

In addition to this interactive guide, I’ve created a complimentary PDF file for this drawing lesson. This concise version encapsulates the entire process of creating our chibi-style Frankenstein’s monster, allowing you to download it and enjoy this artistic pursuit offline.

Whether you’re on the move or in the comfort of your home, this PDF serves as your personal art instructor, guiding you through each step at your own pace. No internet? No problem. Just print it out or keep it on your device, and you’re ready to draw whenever inspiration strikes.

Perfecting Your Frankenstein Monster Drawing

In the delicate dance of drawing, especially when it comes to infusing life into the stitches and shadows of our beloved chibi Frankenstein’s monster, there are technical nuances that, when heeded, elevate a simple sketch to a piece brimming with character.

  • Line Weight Variation: Use a light touch for initial sketches and apply pressure to finalize the lines, adding depth and dimension to your drawing.
  • Symmetry in Features: Pay close attention to the bilateral symmetry of the monster’s face. Uneven features can unsettle the friendly chibi look.
  • Bolt Placement: Position the bolts on the head correctly; they should mirror each other on either side to keep the iconic look intact.
  • Color Selection: When coloring, choose muted tones for authenticity, but feel free to add bright accents to match the chibi style’s playfulness.

In weaving these technical threads into the fabric of your artwork, you’ve not only captured the essence of the Frankenstein’s monster but also transcended the basics to touch upon the finesse that defines skilled artistry.


As we conclude our enchanting journey of drawing Frankenstein’s monster in chibi style, the artistic adventure need not end here. Dive into the myriad of tutorials available on my website, where you can explore everything from the serene beauty of drawing planets to the vibrant energy of Pikachu.

Stay connected and ahead of the curve by subscribing to my social media channels. Your participation and feedback are invaluable; I encourage you to leave comments with any requests or suggestions for future tutorials. Together, let’s continue to explore the vast landscape of art, expanding our skills!

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