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How to Draw Garfield Face

Who doesn’t know Garfield? This fat, red-haired, arrogant, tailed snob with a good heart? I would like to show you how to draw Garfield face.

How to draw realistic Garfield Face
How to draw Garfield Face step by step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Garfield face. He is the protagonist of the film of the same name and a character in the comic book series. After the screening of the film, this handsome fluffy cat won the hearts of many viewers.

This cat is often passive, lazy, and slow, but sometimes very hot-tempered and active. More than anything Garfield loves lasagna. He has a large body, fluffy red hair, and a long tail. Also, this cat has large eyes that are close to each other. You must depict this feature in your drawing.

Garfield face drawing tutorial consists of a few simple steps. This lesson is designed in such a way that any aspiring artist can easily cope with this task. You just need to show a little accuracy and the result will delight you. Garfield is a very bright character, so choose the brightest shades for coloring.

So, get all the tools you need ready and don’t forget to be in a good mood!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 23 minutes

How to Draw Garfield Face

  1. Draw the nose.

    Determine the location of the cat and depict the nose using a small oval.How to draw cartoon Garfield Face

  2. Portray the outline of the eyes.

    From the nose, draw two large ovals on each side.How to draw chibi Garfield Face

  3. Add the outline of the eyelids.

    Use a smooth horizontal line to sketch the outline of the upper eyelid and select the eyes.How to draw cute Garfield Face

  4. Create the rest of the face.

    Use a smooth, rounded line to mark the part of the face where the color of the coat will differ.How to draw funny Garfield Face

  5. Depict the ears.

    At the top of the head, use a smooth line to mark two convex parts – these will be the ears.How to draw Garfield Face easy

  6. Depict the outer outline of the face.

    To do this, use a large circle, as shown in the example.How to draw Garfield Face for kids

  7. Add the ears.

    On the inside of each ear, portray the fur texture using small lines.How to draw Garfield Face quickly

  8. Sketch the additional elements.

    Use a few short lines to draw the texture of the fur on the sides and bottom.How to draw cute Garfield Face

  9. Color the face.

    Use several shades of orange to color the coat. Color the nose pink.How to draw realistic Garfield Face

Congratulations! Now you have learned how to draw Garfield face. Hope this funny character looks very cute and you are happy with the result. Feel free to share your impressions of Garfield face drawing tutorial. I will wait for your comments.

For your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file. After downloading this file, you can return to the drawing lesson at any time, even if there is no Internet access.

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