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How to Draw Genie

If you’ve ever wished to draw your own pocket-sized magical friend, I’m here to make that wish come true. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to draw Genie in a cute chibi style. With my guidance, you’ll create a miniature marvel who could fit cozily in the palm of your hand, yet burst with personality.

how to draw Genie step by step

How to Draw Genie: Basic Information

Welcoming you into the whimsical world of magical beings, I’ve tailored a delightful guide on how to draw Genie in a charming chibi form. My simple method will walk you through each enchanting step, ensuring that by the end, you’ll have a friendly Genie smiling up at you from your canvas.

This Genie, with its oversized head and expressive eyes, captures the essence of chibi art while embodying the joyous spirit of our favorite magical companion. In crafting this lesson, I emphasized ease and enjoyment, focusing on the Genie’s playful gestures and iconic features. You’ll learn how to illustrate not just the form but also the Genie’s endearing personality.

When you draw Genie using this approach, you’ll find yourself not just sketching a character but also invoking the fun and magic that Genie represents. With just a few strokes, the friendly visage and the buoyant posture spring to life, ready to grant wishes or embark on animated adventures right there on your sketchpad.

Genie Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Genie

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    This step will be easy enough for you to do, for this, you have to draw an oval.how to draw Genie step by step

  2. Add an outline of Genie’s torso.

    Below the previously drawn oval, draw Genie’s torso, using a curved line.how to draw Genie easy

  3. Depict the facial features.

    Draw Genie’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth by using ovals and curved lines.how to draw Genie easy for kids

  4. Outline Genie’s hair and ears.

    Use an arc and curved lines to draw hair, and use rounded lines to depict pointed ears.how to draw Genie easy step by step

  5. Add earrings and more hair to Genie’s head.

    On the right side of Genie’s head, draw his hair in a ponytail and also draw ovals on each ear.how to draw Genie for kids easy

  6. Draw the hands of Genie.

    On the sides of Genie’s torso draw two identical hands by using curved lines.how to draw Genie step by step easy

  7. Add the character’s beard and belt.

    At the bottom of the head depict a pointed beard and add a belt on the torso, using curved lines.Genie drawing guide

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Use an eraser to remove auxiliary lines that appeared during the drawing process.Genie drawing tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color Genie, use shades of blue, yellow, black, and red.easy way to draw Genie

Additional Content

To support your artistic journey even when you’re offline, I’ve created a free PDF file that complements our Genie drawing tutorial. It’s a condensed version that you can download and refer to at any time, a handy sidekick to keep the magic of drawing close at hand, wherever you may be.

This PDF isn’t a mere echo of the steps we’ve covered; it’s a treasure trove of additional material crafted to enhance your drawing skills after the main lesson is complete. It’s packed with exercises and challenges designed to refine your technique and add finesse to your chibi Genie creations, providing valuable practice for budding artists.

With this resource, you have the freedom to practice and perfect your art at your own pace, ensuring that the process of learning to draw Genie becomes a deeply ingrained skill. The PDF is structured to be a self-paced workbook, which will aid in solidifying the concepts and techniques you’ve learned in the tutorial, turning them into second nature.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

To ensure your artistic journey never hits a standstill, I’ve developed an alternative technique for drawing Genie that pushes the envelope of your creative skills. This new approach invites more complexity and practice, ensuring that with every Genie you conjure onto the page, your artistic prowess grows stronger.

This second method involves a deeper dive into the nuances of character drawing, adding layers of motion and emotion to your Genie. It’s designed to refine your understanding of anatomy and expression, giving you the tools to infuse vibrancy into your sketches. As you progress, you’ll find each line and curve you draw becoming more intentional and fluid.

My hope is that this alternative technique will not only bolster your confidence in drawing Genie but also inspire a sense of innovation in your broader artistic practice. Embrace these challenges as stepping stones to greater creativity, allowing every new Genie to be a showcase of your evolving talent and vision.

How to Draw the Genie From Aladdin Cartoon

This drawing method of the Genie, inspired by the beloved “Aladdin” cartoon, begins with the simplest of gestures – a tiny face that sets the stage for a larger-than-life personality. The progression from a small facial outline to a complete head with expressive features is designed to capture the Genie’s jovial essence right from the start.

In the next phase, the Genie’s buoyant physique takes shape, his iconic muscular arms and robust torso drawn with bold, sweeping lines that reflect his powerful yet endearing nature. The careful addition of his limbs and features follows, each detail contributing to his magical charisma, ensuring every curve conveys his dynamic energy.

Finalizing the drawing, the Genie’s blue hues and detailed attire come alive, encapsulating his free-spirited character. From his whimsical expression to his spirited pose, this step-by-step method makes it easy for anyone to recreate the Genie’s enchantment, capturing the magic that has charmed audiences for generations.

how to draw the genie step by step

Solving Your Genie Drawing Queries

Embarking on the creative path of drawing Genie, several common queries may arise. Let these FAQs serve as signposts to guide you through any artistic quandaries you encounter. With these answers, your journey to capturing Genie’s likeness will be as smooth as a magic carpet ride.

  • Why start with such a simple shape for the head? The circle creates a foundation, ensuring that Genie’s face is proportionate to his expressive features.
  • What if my proportions don’t match the tutorial? Proportions can be tricky; if yours are off, use the circle as a guide to adjust the facial features and head size accordingly.
  • How can I make Genie’s expression look more lively? Focus on the eyebrows and the mouth. A higher arch or a wider grin can infuse your drawing with more personality.
  • I struggle with drawing hands; any tips? Consider the hands as a series of ovals and rectangles for the palm and fingers. Practice these shapes to gain confidence.
  • My colors don’t look vibrant; what should I do? Layer your colors, starting light and building to the desired intensity, and make sure to use quality materials.
  • How can I improve my line work to make Genie look more dynamic? Practice drawing swift, confident lines and use references from the “Aladdin” cartoon for inspiration.

Closing this chapter on your artistic quest, remember, these FAQs are your lamps waiting to be rubbed whenever you need a bit of Genie’s wisdom. Keep them close, and let your drawings of Genie be as magical and spirited as the character himself. With every sketch, you’ll find your artistry growing – so keep drawing, and let the magic unfold.

Expanding Your Canvas with Genie’s Companions

With Genie now leaping from your page in vibrant color, the stage is set to expand your artistic realm. To enhance the sense of wonder, let’s introduce companions and elements that tell a fuller story. Each addition not only complements Genie but also hones your drawing skills.

  • Aladdin’s Faithful Companion, Abu: Have Abu perched on Genie’s shoulder or mimicking his pose, adding a playful twist to the composition.
  • Princess Jasmine: Draw Jasmine nearby, her elegance and poise a stark contrast to Genie’s jovial demeanor, adding balance to your piece.
  • The Magic Carpet: Sketch a detailed carpet under Genie, its intricate patterns a testament to your attention to detail and patience.
  • The Enchanted Lamp: Include the iconic lamp with a soft glow, suggesting the source of Genie’s power and presence.

Each element you draw weaves into the tapestry of a story that extends beyond the borders of your paper. Your drawing will not only improve with practice but also become a portal to the magical world of “Aladdin.” As you conclude this lesson, remember, the canvas of your imagination is as limitless as Genie’s magic.


Your Genie now has the spark of life, but the magic need not stop here. Venture over to my website where an array of lessons await, from creating the cozy folds of a scarf to capturing the whimsical charm of a road. Each tutorial is a new realm of discovery, offering you the tools to craft your own enchanted world.

Feel the pulse of new creations and never miss a spellbinding update by following my social media channels. Your thoughts and ideas are the magic behind this journey; share them in the comments beneath the lesson. Your wish for what comes next might just be the next tutorial to take flight.

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