How to Draw a Bag for Kids

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How to draw a bag for kids

how to draw a bag

A bag is a universal thing and is a mandatory attribute in many images. Modern people carry different types of bags. Therefore, the ability to draw such a bag will be useful to a novice and experienced artist. So let’s start the tutorial about how to draw a bag.

Step 1

The first step will be quite simple, and in it, we will draw a very simple rectangle.

How to draw a bag

Step 2

Now we outline the handle with the help of two simple semicircles.

How to draw a bag for kids

Step 3

Round the corners of the bag with four short curved lines.

How to draw a bag for beginners

Step 4

Delete all the unnecessary guidelines and sketch the mounts of the bag handle.

Bag drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now we paint the bag in traditional brown, black, or any other color.

Bag drawing for kids

On the pages of, I showed you how to draw a bag for kids. Ahead of you will find a huge number of drawing lessons that you will surely enjoy them.

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